Baggies have a 'Boiler-Man!'


Dear oh dear! What are black country marketing firms trying to do?

After the debacle of ‘Billy Bescot’ years ago, some bright spark came up with ‘Boiler Man’ for the Baggies! Baggie Bird got kicked out!

And I bet these people get paid tons!!!

I hope that Swifty remains untouched and unmolested by marketing gurus who think they know what we want better than we do!!!.


Baggie bird was there too. As an advertising tool it worked amazingly well, got onto all the main football pages.


It’s like the homeserve house that turns up from time to time at the bezza.


His friends call him ‘Homer’. :smiley:



Somebody showed me this at work today because I support Walsall - so glad he did. Hilarious!


Almost as bad as Billy bescot almost:joy:





:joy::joy::joy: brilliant


What the ■■■■■■■ hell is that…


Is it Barry Blower making off with a million quid Tone?