Ball number 28


Always interesting to play the “what if” game - we would have been Ball number 28 had we have won this week.


No we would have been ball 27. Macclesfield would not have been in the draw so as the numbers are allocated in alphabetical order we would have been 1 number lower than our current alphabetical position just ahead of Watford and after Tottenham.


By my calculations, we’d have had Watford at home.


West Ham away surely, the physical ball of Macclesfield would be swapped for ours, so it doesn’t matter what number it is. ???

Either way, Watford or West Ham, so a bad miss. :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


Forget about it… it would be against a reserve team with about 4000 inside a massive stadium… League all the way