Band Aid Walsall F.C Parody

Okay before I post this I just want to make it clear it is a little bit of fun not to be taken too seriously. I think it contains plenty of UTS humour. To those close to the club that lurk around here, it is just a bit of Walsall F.C gallows humour. I hope you enjoy it.

To the tune of Band Aid - Do they know it’s Christmas

It’s Christmastime, there’s no need to be afraid
our forward line has Kieran Phillips and Tyrese Shade,

Although the Kiosks empty, and you can’t get a balti pie
They can burn some sausage rolls before halftime.

But say a prayer for Jamie Fullarton.
His job is hard when all of the money’s gone.

There’s the January Transfer Window
and it’s a time of dread and fear.

Cos we lose all our best players
and the bars run out of beer.

And we don’t own a striker
Our ground is someone elses too…
Well, tonight thank god the rents not overdue…

They won’t have a home top in your size this Christmastime
The greatest gift you’ll get’s a high viz bag.

Release a youtube video
while the toilets still overflow

Out all the cups by Christmastime once more…

He’s to you where’s the Rico money gone?

He’s to them selling dreams of League one…

Don’t you know they’re giving it a right go !

Feed the Saddlers

Feed the Saddlers

Feed the Saddlers
Get some pies in for halftime

Feed the Saddlers
Don’t burn the sausage rolls this time again

Fix the toilets
Let them know it’s flooded once again

We are Saddlers
Out the cups for Christmastime again

We are Walsall
All we want’s a little bit of hope.

We are Walsall
Soon be early bird time again.

If you want a part in it let me know :wink:


That is superb.

Should send a hard copy to them as well.

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They have probably already received one. I’ll be banished to the car park.


Pull up a chair. Finally, I can order meals for two.

Lennon & McCartney eat you hearts out.

Be worth a recoding studio if one of the peeps on here has access to one. Stick it on YouTube and might get a squillion hits and we could buy Jeff out

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It’s a shame that Pete Waterman is no longer on the scene. He could sort out a recording studio, for sure.

Funny you should say that. He produced Band Aid II in 1989. Not a patch on the original though.

Very good.

Get the OnePodBeyond chaps to release it as a Charity single.

Money goes to fix the loos! :joy:

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