Barnsley International call-ups

Adam Davies, 1st choice goalkeeper, has been called up for Wales and Kenny Dougall, midfielder, has been called up for Australia. Lets hope that no more get called up or they will be allowed to postpone the game. I think those 2 out will weaken their side enough to help us to a win at Oakwell. :grinning:

Is it three a side? Do we not have three any more?
I imagine Kinsella and Kouyhar may be required, have I forgotten anyone?
(no offence intended to any player I’ve overlooked)

Cook and Ferrier have both been called up by Bastardland.


I don’t think UEFA recognises Wolverhampton as a sovereign territory.
This is inspite of its incredible football team.*

*that hasn’t won any matches

Is this there now any possibility of this game being called off? Also very limited rail service from Sheffield/Leeds to Barnsley as Northern on strike again.