Ben Boycott article

Don’t know if this has been posted previously but came across this article which has a couple of quotes from BB.

The following caught my eye in particular.

“We want to make the club better on and off the pitch—to win more matches and move up the leagues and so on. But more than that, my partners and I are [investing in the town], the people of Walsall, and the players. It’s not strictly about making money, or even making the club better—it’s about the future of the entire town.”

Whatever you may think, the above certainly contradicts claims posted on here that Trivela are only after a quick buck.


It’s easy to talk but harder to deliver, ask Dame Omlette.

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I think he is highly unlikely to announce he is going to pillage Walsall Football Club as an asset in The Gospel Coalition :smiley:

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Thanks for this.

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They have been here 10 months give em a chance eh.


I agree to a certain extent, but honestly, how long do you give Trivela? Another year? 3 years? 5 years?

If we are talking about on the pitch, they have already had 2 transfer windows and how many is it now, around 25 different players have come in (and a fair few of them have left for various reasons) to add to what at one point was one of the best defensive units in the league (with some of those here pre Trivela/Flynn) and yet still can’t manage a top half finish.

If we are talking off the pitch then with Pomlett we had ‘give him time’, then it was Covid, then it was post-Covid recovery…etc etc, now with Trivela, again its ‘give them time’.

Individually, all valid points at times however it seems as a club we are looking for that perfect time when the stars will align or whatever you want to call it…well we may be waiting a very very long time.

Football is an imperfect science, shit happens on and off the pitch, and happens regularly for every single club, its how you deal with it and overcome it that matters.

Teams still got promoted during Covid, post Covid, with injuries, without a 20 goal a season striker or whatever reason/excuse you want to put forward.

As a club, on recent evidence, we appear to deal with any sort of adversity very badly - and I include owners, the board, management and players in that.

There is always a handy excuse ready at all levels of WFC, whereas other clubs just seem to get on with it, and some even progress and thrive.

I genuinely hope that can be us under Trivela but I personally haven’t seen anything from them at all to suggest it will be us, or anytime soon.


As the corny saying goes “running away from your problems is a race you will never win”, not something Trivela can be accused of as they havn’t even reached the starting line of identifying what the problems are.

**It’s not strictly about making money, or even making the club better—

“Or even making the club better” is the bit about that article that concerns me. I thought that was the main idea of the take over.

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That’s the point that sticks out for me too :thinking:

The word “strictly” needs to be included for context though. It’s a critical part of that sentence.

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It may contradict claims posted on here, but he contradicts himself within that one paragraph.

“We want to make the club better on and off the pitch"
“It’s not strictly about making money, or even making the club better”

I don’t know what their intentions are, maybe they are good. Most fans just want to see a competitive football team that we enjoy going to watch. All the stuff about the Town feels like lip service. I guess we will see.


I don’t live in the town and nor do I see news from the town very often, so what is the investment in the town that Trivela has made?

Boycott comes across as genuinely genuine for me, I had the chance to chat with him recently and he definitely gives a shit!

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A small amount given to the Community side of the club .£35,000 if I remember correctly.I don’t know of any other investment as yet .

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I have seen the article before and at the moment I still think that they will deliver. The current situation is however a test for them. They did not envisage the fall off in form we have seen like most of us and only 2 months ago were heaping prise on Flynn. I would not want to be in their shoes because like most of us they probably felt some decent additions in the Summer would make us very competitive in this League. Now it looks like a wholesale replacement is on the cards although I still think despite the current form we have some good players.

I wonder how long it will take Boycott to realise that no matter what he does or says, there are a significant number of supporters that only really give a shit about the performance of the football team. That’s not a criticism, by the way, it’s no different up and down the country.
He, like Pomlett before him is quickly going from hero to zero due to the dross on the pitch.
In my view, he needs to get rid of Flynn and bring in a D of F and a head coach that is happy to work under that system.
The longer this goes on, the bigger the wedge will be between Trivela and some of our supporters.

Too true. I am only interested in the football team that’s why I support them. I don’t support Walsall FC to be concerned about community projects as good as they may be. Football is my primary concern.