Ben Boycott / Matt Jordan

Well ?
Come on mouthy yank and Canadian boy let’s be having you !

You have talked but not walked and now stopped the talk ?

The fans (your customers) have lots of questions for you

Starting with - your silence ???


Anyone seen him in

Ireland !

How is Jordan mouthy? I’ve not seen or read any interviews with him, or anyone else from Trivela, just Boycott. :thinking:


You’ve been warned Benny boy is an east coast boy and will have been brought up on the shinny rinks - mouthy is that really the best you can do you Mangiacake .

Because it’s an easy insult to throw when you’re frustrated but can’t be bothered to think.


BB writes in the match programme nearly every game. It would be good if he did more but you can tell from the last few that he is feeling frustrated like most of us with the current position.




Good point @walsallone. I stopped buying programmes a long time ago. But might buy them again to read what he has to say.

Are they available online?

Seems they are

Edit oops, seems that’s for ordering them physically. Don’t know if you can buy them digitally.

They used to do a digital version by subscription (at £46 in 2021/2), but they don’t seem to still be doing it - maybe the take up made it not worthwhile compared to the physical ones? (Although during Covid they were free with a link on the weekly e-mails they sent out)

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That’s a bit annoying. Perhaps someone can post BBs thoughts on here?

I would be interested in reading them.

PS IIRC They also often quoted part of the manager or chairman’s programme notes in the pre-match previews.

I don’t think this is going to help Larry.

Well not if he wants to hear from mouthy Jordan as I can’t recall ever seeing anything from him in the match programme.

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If they want to make an actual meaningful statement to the fans, then the programme notes is not the method to to do it :rofl: if it was, then BBs original letter would have just been printed in a programme.

Its a ludicrous suggestion and more straw clutching to defend what’s going on and the radio silence eminating from a club that right now potentially is in a panicked meltdown


I know she got pelters for this. But at the time I thought this was wonderful. It showed she really loved and cared about her club


Yes I agree here. It should be more public not in the programme notes.

I would still like to read what he said though, and it shows he is paying attention to the team.

One good thing about the fact that nobody has ever heard or read anything from Matt "global guru " Jordan, or even clapped eyes on the bloke, at least he can’t be described as “mouthy”.
Feeling better about him already …

Let’s be honest they’ve purchased another club, whilst this one is going down the pan.

That’s would have taken a lot of time , money and planning . Their day to day focus is not on Walsall Fc.

It’s a shambles.