BetVictor League 2 Prediction

Respected EFL Expert Gabriel Sutton has given his prediction for league 2 next season

  1. Notts
  2. Stockport
  3. Barrow
  4. Wrexham
  5. Mk Dons
  6. Salford
  7. Grimsby
  8. Gillingham
  9. Doncaster
  10. Colchester
  11. FGR
  12. Walsall
  13. Mansfield
  14. Bradford
  15. Tranmere
  16. Swindon
  17. Wimbledon
  18. Crewe
  19. Harrogate
  20. Sutton
  21. Morecambe
  22. Accrington
  23. Newport
  24. Crawley
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Barrow 3rd ? What have I missed ?


Im not sure Notts are going to get an automatic place like most ‘experts’ seem to think


Well he was incredibly wrong last year so I’d expect the same again

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agreed, not solid enough at the back

I like Gab, he knows his EFL stuff and does his research, always puts out interesting stuff and strongly believe he really cares about EFL stuff. But like any predictions at this point in proceedings any 1-24 predictions are a lottery. At least he puts his opinions out there and provides reasoned arguments to support them.

An interesting read but not going to throw myself off a bridge because he doesn’t think we’ll get near play offs. We were favourites to go down under Sir Ray :smirk:


I thinks Notts and Wrexham will get a shock , their squads are not all that.


Recently the EFL’s own computer predictor had us finishing 13th, anyone notice a trend?
Barrow will be no where near, Wrexham will probably grab that spot, and the way the Gills have been splashing the cash they will probably finish higher than 8th.

Now mullin is our for Wrexham that’s good few points dropped I think

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They will probably go and buy Harry Kane next week.

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Impossible job predicting how it’ll play out. I don’t agree with Barrow and likewise I expect FGR to have a tough season. I think an 12th place finish will be just about right for ourselves. All the reason to be optimistic though, last year he reckoned MK would finish 1st (jinxed!).

They didn’t look like world beaters when I watched them against Telford last week.

It’s a really tricky league to predict this year, plenty of teams splashing the cash but that has not got Bradford out of the division yet. Will also be interesting to see how the National League darlings fair in League 2 especially with the increased scrutiny … could you imagine a time that any injury to a lower league striker in a meaningless pre season was treated to so many column inches !

I think Stockport and MK Dons will grab 2 of the 3 automatics and the rest is up for grabs. Always space for a well organised, hard working team from the Black Country to make the play offs :slight_smile:

How different things would be if we were NOT mid table also rans for a change!
I have a gut feeling that Draper & Oteh are going to set this division alight UTS!!!

What do you expect when they’re signing lavery , ash Taylor and osadebe ? When they sell season tickets at £2 a pop I don’t think they splash the cash like people imagine they would.

Me too, but Wrexham will chuck more cash about in Jan to boost them up.

Not convinced by County.

They both remind me of Stockport/Salford who everyone thought would find it easy with the money they spend but this division is a bastard. Even more so this year.


been saying this for ages with Notts, they’ll be found out

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The league two darlings get 4 of the top 8 league 2 stories on the BBC sport site right now! Including the revelation that they FLEW to a significant number of national league matches last year!

By the way, it seems that we must now refer to them by their full name “Wrexham, the team with Premier League ambitions”