Big Dave Okagbue signs

I can confirm that Dave Okagbue has signed again for the Saddlers. Should be officially announced very soon.


Any info that we don’t already know Westie?
A bit slow off the mark this season :wink:


McEntee in midfield then by the looks of things, which wouldn’t be my preferred choice. I would have liked the back 3 to have been Priest, DD and McEntee.

Thought Dave did well once settled last season, but we never really did see him, DD and Priest playing together with them all fully match fit.

Welcome back Dave - him rejecting a deal at Stoke in favour of a move here is a positive step in my eyes.


He’s never had to contend with a subterranean mammal digging and sharing info before :smile:



Thats very true Daniel. Bet your looking forward to the 17th July when youre back at the Poundland gloating over a 1-0 win for the Vile

I would prefer dave in centre of back 3 than dd to be honest… dd form dropped massively… hoping it was just because he wasnt fully fit

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Interesting you mentioning DD. Has anyone seen any photos of him in training this pre’season?

He isn’t back yet is he??

Back next week because he’s been on international duty, same for Comley and Gordon.


Another quite superb addition. Delighted to see Dave back, a player with huge potential and a massive player for us next season. Really love our early business.

We’re getting the band back together.



I believe that’s why they brought Dave in because there’s no way we’re going to keep Priest and DD fit all season long.
Good move by the club, he’s only 20, someone we can develop and maybe make a little money on when he’s ready for his next move, or, be our permanent centre back when DD retires or loses form.


Still off along with Liam Gordon and Comley isn’t he due in tomorrow.

Only seen DJ on the first day nothing since.

I’m happy he signed. From all loaned players, he ticked all boxes in being possible to sign and having some potential. So, only IFollow remains a question mark, but other things are shaping quite nicely. And back to the player, good luck and many good games. I wonder if he will become an integral part of the backline.

Does anybody know what’s happening to ifollow international streaming? When I found out my account was being closed from 01st July I expected the new platform to be ready from that date onwards - but I’ve not heard of seen anything yet, and the link to the club from ifollow EFL returns ‘page not found’.

Didn’t realise Orkney was abroad :grinning:

It’s overseas, just like the Isle of Wight!:grinning:

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Can’t see it being today now

Geordie Saddler knows apparently

Yeah, hopefully it’s one we can develop a bit and if he makes good progress, can either make us a few bob or be the mainstay of our defence.
I see Southampton have just signed a 21 year old defender from Peterborough for £3m, who started at barnet in the national league, so it would be great if we can try and follow a bit of that pattern.