Big match revisited

Just been told that us v Peterborough is the final bit of the above on ITV 4 at 11.30 today. March 1980. Will only be token but still be good to see

Thanks. I’ve got no recollection whatsoever of that game.

Must have been when we were talking n the division of death I think. I expect the Buck’s boys to win!

Just seen that was on. Will record it

watching it now
Proper football kits in proper colours

Cheers - just spotted your post and switched channels in time to watch the programme from the start.

If you don’t see it until later, there’s ITV4+1 and catchup (ITV Hub).

The game is from our D4 promotion season.

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Was football really this bad?


Vince Hilaire what a player :smiley:

I remember the season, but not that actual game. We must had have a good second- half , because we looked nailed on to take the League once we got a very hard-won draw at Huddersfield- later than this game, April, probably. After that , we fell apart , really.

I didn’t know Robin Askwith played in goal for Man U.


What a goal! Great finish by Reesy. Jimmy Williams in the starting line-up.

Great start then turned into 2020/21. :slightly_frowning_face:

What a beautiful, weighted cross that was by Buckley for Penn’s goal. I’d forgotten Gynn - a good player in these divisions.

Surprised to see home and away fans stood together in the Railway End. I think I need a new pair of rose tinted specs after watching that.

Micky Gynn was good enough to play in the F A Cup final when Cov won it, and he played two or three hundred games for them in the top division.
When we went up in 1980, and 'Boro didn’t, I hoped we would go to them with fifty grand or so and sign him. He was certainly the correct height for a Walsall midfielder of the 1980s. :grin:


Not making any sort of comment on our new managerial set up so please don’t go down that route, but seeing Buckley playing got me thinking - what’s everyone’s views on player-managers?

Apart from the Buck, we tried it with Merson but that’s about it as far a I can remember. And you don’t seem to see them as much these days. Would it be something you’d like the club to do again at some point - promote from within?

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Doug Fraser played a few games for us, although his playing career was winding down when he was asked to take over as Manager.
I think it can work if you make the right sort of appointment. Merson was a bad appointment, nothing to do with him still being a player, he’s just not very good. The Buck was much more thoughtful and intelligent, so he always had a chance. Ditto Dalglish at Liverpool, and Vialli at Chelsea. Can’t see it working at that top level nowadays mind.
But for us, it could work, given the right man, and the right people around him - a DOF for instance, and a good assistant.

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I remember that game well, went with my dad who made us sit in the stand.
Tunes on the tannoy were Missing Words by Selector, and Going Underground By the Jam that had gone straight in at no 1 the week before even though it was supposed to be the B side to the Wonderful “Dreams of Children”. First home defeat of the season as we contrived to lose the league title. Remember Buckley telling the Big Match cameras to stay away from the York game the following Tuesday after we had only taken 1 point from 2 games on ITV, although we did win away at Pompey on MOTD.

Has anyone got a link to the footage?

it’s here: