Bizarre Walsall matches


Witnessed lots of BIZARRE matches over the years following the saddlers, From the most serious when we played Liverpool in the milk cup semi-final at fellows park and the away end wall collapsed when they got their second goal… To the comical, when we played Millwall at the Den in our promotion of 2000/01 season having to wear Millwalls SECOND KIT ! because Tom Bradley forgot to load the kit on the team coach ! ( Graydon was furious ) to be fair to Tom in those days he had to double up as physio and kit man.



I remember the millwall fans shouting at us “Your not fit to wear the shirt”:rofl:


Balls at Macclesfield


Also the day Millwall sang the excellent “3 L’s. You’ve only got three L’s” chant.


Lol… The buggers still stoned us after the match. Even though we lost.:tired_face:


Peterborough away last year. Watching Steven Taylor sweep snow from the pitch whilst freezing in the stand during -7 temperatures was definitely bizarre…


Plymouth away, Graydon era in the league cup (1999). Rain blasting down on the open terrace, fog rolled in. We won 4-1 but we only knew we had scored when the players ran up the pitch celebrating. That was back in the two leg league cup game days, we’d beat them 4-1 in the home game so Graydon didn’t even bother travelling with the team I recall.


Recall a similar situation at Torquay, possibly the game before the 8-4 replay. Sure Lightbourne equalised but no-one could see a thing!


If it’s rain you want, the game away at Stockport where we had an absolute monsoon and a hurricane just after half-time. Found this article which mentions it

A mate of mine who’s a Leeds fan went with me for the craic and still reckons it was the best laugh he’s ever had at a game - we got absolutely soaked to the bone.


Mine would be the 8-4 Torquay game itself - either that or the 7-0 away win at Macc in Jan’s season!


Bizarre for a different reason - Aldershot away in the Late-and-Daft Trophy in 89/90. We were already tonking them (final result 4-1 to us) when they made a late sub to bring on the ex-Saddlers legend that is Dale Banton (for our younger fans, he was a pre-Bescot Andreas Makris) and all the Shot fans started chanting “Walsall reject” and “What a waste of money” at him to save us the bother. :rofl:

A bit harsh considering they did at least get to see him score for them - something he never did for us!


The really foggy night at Anfield with less than half the pitch visible and the massed chorus of the Liverpool bush telegraph informing the Kop that ‘Tony Hatley’ had scored. With the Kop replying, ‘Thank you very, very, much’.

Sadly for us the Kop were to sing, ‘We want to know who scored, we want to know who scored…’ several times in that first half!


Tried for over 30 years to forget Dale Banton :frowning::frowning: David Kelly’s replacement :rofl:… He was as much use as a chocolate fire guard !!


think it was 1968 at liverpool lost 5-2 thick fog kop singing who scored the goal fans other end singing ian hunt scored the goal, was 14 at the time we broke down on the way got a lift in the back of lorry carrying carpets and a lift home on the team coach sat next to bob wesson the goal keeper nice bloke although seemed a bit mad


Yep I was there too. Had a wedding reception to go to in Liverpool that evening…I was a tad damp :smile:


Didn’t Killer score 4 in that one. I was worried the ref was going to abandon it due to the fog


Back in the midst of time when we played Charlton in the old second division, so windy the roof of the main stand at Fellows park blew off. Match abandoned lost the re match and got relegated , Charlton kicked us to death Tom Wilson had his leg broke no substitute in them days .Still feel cheated all these years on. I was only about 12 at the time ,got into the stand where the dressing rooms were and watched Tommy carried out to hospital. He was never the same player again,he did get a FA cup winners medal before he played for the Saddlers for Nott’s Forest.Bizarre match shame about the result.


The lights going out at Burnley away on a Friday night , sure the game was abandoned.


Seem to remember the old man ( sid swfty ) telling me the same story. Hard to imagine now.


Yeah with Burnley losing at the time… we lost the re-arranged match meaning we lost out on s trip to Anfield.