Blackpool (A) 9th Feb, 3pm


Would the right back in midfield be the player who seemed to be causing more danger in the opposition half than most of the rest of the team?


No, that isn’t what’s needed. We need proper tactics, we need to close the opposition down, we need to attack as a team and defend as a team. I honestly see only one or two not putting in effort so a “rollicking” will do no good. What’s needed is shape, I’m sorry to say keates hasn’t got any in the team and doesn’t appear to know what to do next


In all honesty, I know it’s not either but my frustrations are getting the better of me and I keep telling myself someone needs a bollocking!


Is Jarvis left or right footed?


Can’t blame the board for everything deano has had money to spend and clearly has not spent it correctly. Bringing in lots of sub standard players instead of 2 or 3 good experienced players which would have boosted our young


I hope deano can turn it round but a defeat against the bottom team Wimbledon on Tuesday is going shatter the already fragile confidence in the team . And I think bonser would sadly have to let deano go if this happens. Deano is being spared the abuse which I don’t think he will get as he is one of our own . But the Rochdale game was unbelievabley bad .


Same ■■■■ heads ruining the thread as usual … pathetic.


But firstly the Chairman , and all his lap dogs …


Take your pick from this lot, Heckingbottom anyone?


Rowett for me


Not a chance on earth - reasons:

Expectation of investment to meet the above
Not a Yes man
Wouldn’t take a job at our level

Hope I’m wrong


Trust me, bonzo will be ■■■■■■■■ himself that his little golden egg is about to crack :wink:




I’ll post later or tomorrow but we are going down. Lose Tuesday we may as well throw the towel in


Mark Warburton number one. Experienced and wealthy and strong willed. All factors why I must be dreaming! No Jeff he doesn’t own a bakery.
Gary Rowett number two. Experienced and strong willed and knows the area. Yes I am still dreaming.
Wild card Jon Whitney. Now that is a nightmare!!


We will fudge our way to safety but it won’t be pretty!


Ian Holloway


Paul Hurst?


Same for me - he’s a people person though so dunno how he’ll cope with the complex interpersonal relationship style of JB :joy:


I’ve supported Walsall for over 50 years. I was a season ticket holder until this season. Didn’t renew as I have been out of pocket over the last few seasons due to rearranged fixtures and offers.
I have never felt so uninspired to attend a match. If the players go out and give 100% of effort I’ll gladly pay to watch them. At the moment there is no effort on the pitch from the majority of the team. No support during a match from Keates, who just stands watching the dross. No communication between the players on the pitch. They all seem clueless apart from lumping balls into the box to Cook, who is usually much smaller than the defenders around him.
If every player went onto the pitch giving their all I wouldn’t mind losing matches. When they have no direction and don’t seem bothered, well neither am I.