Blackpool (A) 9th Feb, 3pm


Ferrier injured…no place for Kinsella or Johnson on the bench!! although they have travelled according to j. Masi



It’s a joke mate, Kinsella is our best central midfielder at the moment but Keates doesn’t rate him.


please don’t tell me Devlin is on the right wing again :frowning:


told you remember? lol


I rate Dobson more highly but he should be in the team alongside Edwards and Dobson.


Strange the defensive kingpin Luke Leahy has been dropped. All about the shape isn’t it?

That said, I’m not exactly confident Laird will hit the ground running - hasn’t played a league one game for how long? And hasn’t started a game for donkeys.

Very disturbed Devlin is on the Wing again. It’s Mid Feb and we have a right back on the Wing - when we have Zeli and Villa lad (or even edwards) as options. Strange, but let’s hope we get the points and ease the pressure a bit.


Looks like it .


Well you wanted Leahy out so we will all await with baited breath your in depth analysis of the replacement.


The reason for Devlin on the RHS of midfield is because he offers more defensively than Zeli. Perhaps a better choice away from home.


I am tempted to up my prediction of a win for us to 4 or 5 nil now :wink:


Earlier on in the season I’d agree about Dobson but he seems to be poor at the moment. Think the players not playing to their potential on wide scale has to be something to do with the management.


Why would Kinsella be travelling if not even on the bench?
Something radically wrong with the relationship between himself and Keates it would appear.


Should we not be told by deano what the situation is with kinnsella.


yeah something obviously going on there mate i know what i said is true 100% or i wouldnt have mentioned it if it was a normal rumour.


Sure you are right now mate . Just saying it would be good for deano to come out and say something.


yeah i agree mate.


to be fair hes not played that much recently and when he came on for 10/15 mins vs rochdale we looked much better


Still taking those special pills I take it?
Can I have some?
Was going to this one, not being in work today, but a bloomin family crisis has meant I missed the chance, was looking forward to see if I could recognise any of the guys playing in our colours!


He has had a knock but I think he was just knackered after carrying the midfield for the first half of the season.