Blackpool (H) 1st Sept, 3pm

"There’s a famous seaside place called Blackpool
That’s noted for fresh air and fun;
And Mr. and Mrs. Ramsbottom
Went there with young Albert, their son…"

(Marriott Edgar, performed memorably by Stanley Holloway)

Having been given a lesson in “How to take penalties” by Macclesfield Town, it’s time to defend our unbeaten record in League One by welcoming the seasiders from Blackpool. They are currently without an appointed manager since Gary Bowyer left the club after their opening game this season (“to spend more time with his family”) meaning Terry McPhillips has moved from being Assistant Manager to Caretaker Manager - he is on record as wanting the switch to be permanent, or as permanent as football management jobs go. Incidentally there’s a Walsall connection at this point - when McPhillips was scoring goals for Halifax Town in 1989/90 the Blackpool Manager was a certain Jimmy Mullen, but the less said about that the better!!

Blackpool’s record so far this season in League One has been patchy, but it should be noted that even though they lie in 12th place they’ve conceded 2 less than we have. They showed their character last night in the EFL Cup by coming back from being a goal down at Doncaster Rovers to winning 1-2. Their League One form:-

Aug 4th Wycombe Wanderers (A) Drew 0-0
Aug 11th Portsmouth (H) Lost 1-2
Aug 18th Shrewsbury Town (A) Drew 0-0
Aug 21st Coventry City (H) Won 2-0
Aug 25th Accrington Stanley (H) Drew 1-1

Dean Keates will presumably be able to select from a fully-fit squad for this one with Morgan Ferrier, Zeli Ismail, Josh Ginnelly and Liam Roberts looking to resume their places. We also have the suspense of waiting for a possible signing of a central defender before Saturday … well, maybe.

Prediction? As stated, Blackpool have only shipped 3 goals in their 5 games so far, so that’s the main challenge for our strikers. I can see this one being a very close affair with a home win by 1-0 the potential outcome, Ferrier to score.

n.b. Hopefully our goal(s) will come from open play - no penalties, please!!!



I agree a close game is in prospect and I suspect it will be 2-1 again…we just cannot keep a clean sheet.

Well it’s going to be my first game this season so i hope i don’t jinx it :rofl: i think it will be 1-0 with cook getting a bullet header from a set piece

This won’t be easy. 1-1.

Albert and the Lion eh. A mate of mine does this routine at do’s I’ve been to with numerous hats (and voices) - good loff

Any way, I digress.

2-2 Morris and Ferrier

Or maybe a penalty :thinking::sunglasses:

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A bullet header following a saved penalty?


Hopefully Tuesday night was a “football karma” re-boot as we’ve had a bit of rub in the league.

Will be another tough game as others have said but if everyone is fit, i’d go for another 2-1.

It would be ace if more than 4,500 home fans turn up. Would be a real shame if it was less than 4,000.

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It will be, remember this is the Borough of Walsall we are talking about, who only dig out their Walsall scarf, pushing the Wolves/Villa aside when we get to Wembley, or similarly if we draw Manure/Liverpool at home in the Cup (that, the 3rd round, would be a miracle in itself) we did, after all, see a 2nd round tie this year albeit the League Cup!
Though getting knocked out of cup competitions by lower League opposition has become an unfortunate habit.

For me this will be the toughest game of the season so far. I’ll go for 2-2. I’m not too confident heading into this weekend but I get the sense that this team will be desperate to bounce back after Tuesday. Either way I can’t wait.

I personally don’t care if we win 3-0 and they are all penalties to be honest!

This is the first game of the season I have felt comfortable. Keates did well to rest a few this week and I really don’t rate Blackpool at all. No Manager and their only win so far coming against Cov, drawing with some pretty average teams.

I’m looking forward to it and will be disappointed if we don’t at least get the win.

Gutted to be missing this as down at Bournemouth air show, but fancy another 1-1 at home to them. Their late equaliser in the equivalent fixture during the play off season still haunts me!

Can you do better than a win?

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A Hammering

A hammering with added bastardry

Win and a clean sheet will do me. Always room for some defensive bastardry.

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Guthrie and Fitzwater to shush the away end on when the game ends 1-0 to us. Bastardry


Devlin follows up a 90th minute goal-line clearance by giving them the ‘sssshhhhh’…

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Fancy us to win , we have potentially 5 players to come back in well rested and raring to go.

3-1 Walsall

3-2 to the Mighty Super Saddlers

Ferrier, Morris and 93rd minute OG off Jay Spearing’s asre

Jay Spearing to get 94th minute red card for shirt removal while committing bastardry in front of the Homeserve stand and only then realising it was an OG <dohh!>

Attendance 4666 with 234 Tangerines

New super saddler’s chip App launched and orders delivered direct to your seat by Britney Spears lookalikes on roller skates