Blackpool points deduction?


Just seen a report on the BBC that The Tangerines have been put into receivership and face a 12 point deduction (potentially of course.)

Obviously this changes nothing for us and our predicament with our No 1 fan etc etc but it caught my eye


We are staying up say we are staying up!




Now there’s a lovely stadium , a proper ground , can’t you buy us that Jeff or rebuild the dump we now have please ?


Only one problem … They’d still be above us even with that deduction!!


I’ve been watching this for some time. It will be interesting to see if the EFL will enforce the points deduction as the context is different from usual receiverships. The club are solvent and the judgement is effectively against the Oystons who have defaulted on the £25m they owe another Director, Belekon, after ‘illigitimately stripping’ Blackpool of its PL windfall.
Despite the threat of a deduction, 'Pool fans are delighted that the club have been taken into receivership and they have seen the back of the Oystons.


They could deduct 30 points off them. Just means we’d finish third bottom.


With the Oytsens finally ousted, I wonder who is now the biggest rogue chairman in the EFL?


FL have said they’ll consider things at their next board meeting on March 6th.

Wouldn’t get too excited. Blackpool are in very good form (away draw at Sunderland last night) so could easily win a couple of games in the meantime.

Bit different to the Plymouth situation.


Charlton guy.