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Bolton Wanderers (A) F A Cup 3rd round, Jan 5th, 3pm


Agree mate what’s Graydon doing these days ?


Dobson was shocking second half gave the ball away in dangerous positions on numerous occasions. Looks like he needs a breather to me for a week or 2 then come back stronger to help us stay up.


Not sure mate, see him now and again in the One Man in Blocko, just check Wikipedia and he has probably retired …he is 71/72 now but the last time I saw him he seemed healthy and cognus mentis…he is 6 years younger than Alex Ferguson so maybe there is a chance he could take DK
under his wing


Thought we looked comfortable in the first half and worth our lead, but as soon the second half began we started giving the ball away cheaply or getting caught in possession. We then had that mad 7 minutes. I did think we always posed a threat going forward and I thought at 3-2 that we looked like equalising, but in order to do that we had to defend as well! I don’t know what Cook felt about that.


Maybe if we could get graydon in on a part time basis maybe Thursday and Friday think that would help deano so much


Just hope someone in the powers that be @ the Venue reads this thread


Yep yep yep!!
Saying he’s 1 of ours doesn’t wash anymore
Get the coaches coaching. Get hands out of pockets on touchline and when interviewed take some responsibility


Dean looked little bit sheepish in second half, but it was cup game, in January. And opponent in the dugout is more experienced. I know result doesn’t look good, but it was cup-run. Maybe small, but was.


Unfortunately must agree with the criticism of DK. It appears to be him that’s not learning, Very poor defenders who play week after week.
Parkinson makes 2 h/t subs and game changes but DK doesn’t. His use of subs is bizarre. Maz Kouhyar, where did that come from? he has not featured for months but comes on ahead of Edwards & Osbourne.
Think criticism of Roberts over the top. Think he has makings of good GK. de Gea would struggle behind that bunch of clowns.


Agree re Keates - his general use of subs leaves me thinking we are not watching the same game


4-4-2 just doesn’t work, it’s old. When I was playing my manager used to say tuck in, there is no way anyone in this league has the ability to hit a 40 yard ball with accuracy to land at the wingers feet before you get to them. Unfortunately this is league 1 and players do have that ability. Max Power, Stephen Quinn etc have that ability and Josh Vela has that ability. All of a sudden Craig Noone is running one on one or is in acres of space to pick out perfect crosses. He probably set up his team to deal with a midfield diamond and it took Parkinson half a game to figure it out and when he did it killed is off


I drink in that pub from time to time…will have to take my autograph book or selfie stick (depends on what decade I want to be in when I wake up in the morning) if Sir Ray is in regular attendance.

As I’ve said many times if club want to go down that route they’ve already got a vastly experienced manager on the payroll, John Ward.


Didn’t a Wrexham fan on here warn at the time he was pretty poor using subs when games were starting to swing away from Wrexham? That and there was another guy who was organising the defence…

It’s been a weakness all season. Case A game management at 2-0 up at home to 10 men Sunderland.


That result is even worse because at half time we’re all thinking it’s 1 nil, we look very comfortable, who do you want in the 4th round lads?

Then the ■■■■ show of a 2nd half begins an as others have said, DK struggles to adjust to Bolton subs and all of a sudden it’s 3-1 and the game is over. DK needs to learn and fast, I watch him in the dugout, listen to him in the media and think has he realised this is a far too difficult job with next to no chance of making us anything better than midtable because the people above him are happy for it to be that way.

Oh and as for the defence, sack the ■■■■■■■ lot.


The isn’t a DK team yet he will off load a lot of the players in the summer I’m sure of it like Leahy Guthrie etc they are not good enough we are in a relegation battle now so get behind Dk and the team and help us stay in the division


What exactly is a Dean Keates side though? Fact is no one really knows because he’s unproven.


When all 11 on the pitch have been signed/kept on by DK?


Never understood the rave reviews about Dobson - he can be terrific but without the ball he’s lightweight and fairly non existent (although that can be said for our whole midfield)


I wouldn’t disagree with that but I would give him credit for his effort and, in recent games,being the only midfielder to offer himself for the pass constantly and then try and make things happen. Without him, we’d have to resort to hoofball all the time. As others have said, it really shows how much we miss chambers who, despite being frustrating with sideways or backwards passing, was always available for the pass, would lay it off and then move again into space. It’s not rocket science and if we had 4 across the middle all doing that, we’d be a much better side right now.


We need an experienced manager. Look what Jackett has done at Pompey.We have had too many failures in manager choice.Bar keeper, Car washer,physio,etc.