Bonser starts to give?


Do fans think that the recent flurry into the transfer market is bonsers way of making amends for his earlier failings? or just another attempt to appease those of us that have had enough of his tenure?


Not sure too much has changed. I doubt Keates budget is dramatically different to that of Whitney. Whitney blew his on some ■■■■■ whereas it appears that Keates has been shrewder (early days though)


He has had a bit come in from Baka,so to avoid criticism he gives a bit back.


He’s invested in paying fee’s for players he knows/hopes to sell for more at a later date,which is probably one of the reasons why a deal wasn’t reached for the 29yr old Wrexham captain.


Well it’s nice to see WFC speculating to accumulate. I hope that we can be as successful at playing this game as Peterborough are.

Maybe this approach is part of the chairman’s plan to make WFC more attractive to potential buyers / investors?


He might be starting to give, but I’m not sure this is evidence of it. Like the rest of us ,I expect he can’t believe his luck with the unexpected windfall from the Baka deal. When you find a tenner in the street, you tend to head for the pub, rather than the bank.


I’m hoping he realises he has a manager who a) knows his stuff and will do well and b) isn’t a yes man and would probably walk if not given a fair shot.


Bradshaw, Henry and Bakayoko cash plus Oztumer, Jackson et al wages would probably amount to there being a bit of cash swilling about so I don’t think Mr B is suddenly Mr Benevolent.

He has also traditionally got a bit windy when the heat is turned directly on him and I think he knew that awful performances on the pitch would lead fans straight to his door rather than via the traditional fall-guy.

And maybe, just maybe he has worked out there might just be another way. With a few notable exceptions he will have noted that the big money we have received in his time with us has been for centre-forwards. With decent sell-ons they can also be a gift that keeps giving. Others have referenced the Peterborough model and I think that is fair. If you spend a bit, develop the player, you can always find a market for a centre-forward and our six figure windfall for Bakayoko will have demonstrated this.


I’d agree with what’s said about him spending and hopefully getting a few quid back if the new additions fulfill their potential.
I also reckon that he trusts Keates a bit more with the money than he trusted Whitney, either way I’m just glad that despite our plea’s last few years we are looking around the lower leagues for hungry players who want to succeed, after all Peterborough haven’t done too bad over the last decade or so.