Boozy saddlers

Wanted to know what game were you most drunk at ? any funny stories to go with it too would be a bonus.

Any stories about not getting in till the Sunday morning following a few too many etc.

Earliest you have started drinking in relation to kick off.

Vomiting up the coach interior as it pulled into Swindon after a visit to The Air Balloon.
Climbing 30 foot fence at Carlisle, failing, then trying to claw at the home fans through the fence like a zombie.
Scaring police dogs with my glowing ■■■■ hat at Shrewsbury.
Eating a hot-dog off the floor at Hartlepool.
Being too drunk to stand at Notts County, Bury and Wigan etc


I’ve only been hammered once at a game. Managed to last the game but threw up down myself on the train home. It was either Cheltenham or Hereford away. Now I don’t drink so it’s not a problem :joy:

Anyone see that lad at the demolition of Port Vale a couple of seasons back? Threw up in the stand on someone’s fancy dress hat, oblivious, the guy then picked it up wondering why it was so wet :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I went to Rochdale with my old man and his mates in 1979 and thought, foolishly, I could match them pint for pint.
I was totally wrong. I barely remember the match and threw up on the way home.

I’ve had a few in the past but managed to survive and remember the match, including the cup semi final at Anfield, the 5-1 defeat to Manchester United in the FA Cup, our trip to Wembley a couple of years ago and a particularly bad one on a Tuesday evening in Bolton when I went with a couple of Bolton supporting mates and, of course, we lost.

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I remember travelling to Reading under Barnwell, then on the way back it turned out I’d been to Wembley under Smith.

Some of the stuff in between is blurry at best.


Already posted mine at Rotherham, after having my wisdom teeth out and downing a bottle of quantro to take the pain away, then drinking what i thought was a bottle of warm white wine and turning out to be piddle :rofl:

Not very interesting stories from people who remember with pride throwing up at various places, what a wonderful web site this is and they rubbish me ?

At least it was warm…:grimacing::grin:

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Oh shut up you silly little ■■■■■


just a bit of fun mate :wink:

Oh no! My heart is broken at your disappointment. :pleading_face:

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Blimey, what a plonker. :laughing:

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It is sad to say but I am one of those boring people who never got drunk ( result of being in a job that did random breath tests and failure meant the boot and I was in work early sunday morning ) but have had to to get mates out silly scrapes and make sure they got home many times and good luck to them it was their way of enjoying themselves.

Swindon away in 1996. I was proper ■■■■■■■. Fell down the stairs in the stands twice, right in front of the stewards. They didn’t bat an eyelid.

One did turn to the other and say," Evo seems to be cutting down."