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Bradford City (A) 15th Dec, 3pm


Once people get something in their heads, Chunkster, they seem incapable of changing their mind - if only I could think of a suitable example :rofl::rofl:


I would keep the midfield as it was on Tuesday if all are fit, we looked more solid defensively than we have all season.


A close-fought 3-2 win.


O.M.G i have started something now :see_no_evil:


I did …but i changed my mind


or even we may win 2 - 0 …rather than 2 - 1 eh …:roll_eyes:


Oh one quality this team certainly dosen’t lack is fight and ability to dig in. All the recent defeats to Luton, Charlton, Burton and Pompey have simply been outclassed in a football sense which isn’t a surprise when 3 of those will very likely finish in the top 6.

It’s one element where this side is probably above the 15/16 version, a little more grit when the going gets tough.

This could well be a midfield scrap as Bradford recently signed Paul Caddis and Karl Henry so plenty of tackles will be flying around in the midfield area.


The devil is in the detail :wink:


We need chambers back


we’ll see :rofl:


Just looked at weather forecast. Wrap up warm. Could be snow???


Could be called off. Frozen pitch or if not awful conditions going to be hitting Yorkshire at around 1pm.

Cynic in me would say Bradford wouldn’t mind that, play it in January when they could have 5-6 new signings in the team.

We’ll see.


On local weather they are predicting freezing rain and lots of treacherous icy roads as going to be v cold overnight.
Some debate about exact timing but in the afternoon.


With windchill it’s going to feel like -7.
Wrap up warm guys


Think this is a game that is so difficult to predict (will be leaving it off the coupon) think Bradford are on the up and we have just won at the stadium of light… will go lots of goals 4-4


Anything other than a win is rubbish

They are shipping goals and foot of the table.

If we score first it could be a cricket score. UTS


One of the few games I can get to these days. Weather-wise there is a strong biting wind up here but just above freezing at present. No rain or snow - yet!!
Hoping for a win today, UTS


Just got a notification from Flashscores that the game is postponed - is this correct?


Showing postponed on one FL site…


Nothing on the Bradford website. Their twitter account is saying the game is definitely ON.