Bradford City (H) 14th Sept, 3pm

You know the sad thing is ATM , all the threads that were a hive of activity a few weeks back , and everyone buzzing about the new manager , signings , and the chairman trying to get the free hold back etc etc , are slowly but surely petering out .
So sad we are all on such a downer again because things are going a little pear shaped .

Come on guys our club needs us , lets start being a bit more up beat and try and get a noisy support going again tomorrow .



Yeah that’s fantastic re Liam. Elated

Is it your brother’s or your own name you have trouble with? Are you " Geoff," or is he your brother? :joy::joy::joy:

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Well Jeff , I hope you and your brother Robert are both enjoying yourselves spending our money …:wink::rofl:

Ha ha

I’ve got none left. I gave it all to Leigh so he could ‘increase the playing budget’ and so Leigh could secure Darrells transfer targets.

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I see the Brandy Sour’s are flying down then with that kind of statement …:rofl::rofl:

Signings of the calibre of Gary Liddle, Jack Kiersey and Shay Facey wouldn’t have come to Walsall under my tenure.

Zivania actually. Then I’ll start on the beers. Can’t get too ■■■■■■ though. Gotta steer the yacht

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I’ll be speaking to Leigh tomorrow in an advisory capacity only. He needs to know the signing of people like Gary Liddle. We will soon become bankrupt. Another Bury

Death by suduko? Sounds painful - nearly as boring as watching 90 minutes of the Saddlers.

It’s difficult to be upbeat when the team we support is so poor. It’s not just the fact that we are 21st in Division 4 FFS, it’s the realisation that we have signed some pretty pee-poor players. It’s alright letting Cook, Dobson, Edwards, Ferrier and co leave but what have we replaced them with? Let’s hope tomorrow is the start of a winning run.


Have you actually been watching any of the games this season? Because Liddle has been one of our better players.


Colchester was the turning point , the reported boredom level cant get any lower, so a 2 v 0 win , Lavery to have extra maple syrup for breakfast and score a brace

One minute you’re saying we’ve got a minuscule budget, the next you claim we’re going to go bankrupt because of our signings?

Make your mind up Mr Whalley.


Pomlett might be a businessman with 30 years’ experience working in board-level executive roles for huge international companies, but he ain’t heard what Gensanx123 has to say about budgets yet so watch this space. Don’t forget, he was really tight with Geoff and his brother Robin.


:joy::joy: unbelievable Say hello to Leigh from me

Second game of the season for the Ripley Saddlers today so its guaranteed we have to wait for next week to turn the corner :confused:. 0-1 apologies all.

Very worried by a post from a Gashead on another thread, can’t remember where I read it, but he mentioned that DC wasn’t great at picking goal scoring forwards, and not to expect any great number of goals from his teams either!
I, like everybody else want to see us winning games, but where oh where are the goals going to come from?
Today, Tuesday and next Saturday are crucial, failures in these few games cannot be acceptable and DC’s fairly easy ride will soon come to an abrupt end.

Whoops, didnt pick that up sorry.

Feel free to issue my ‘whoosh’ at your leisure.