Bradley leaves

MT is putting together his own team or perhaps this is Jamie Fullerton’s new broom.

It always annoyed me that Bradley used to do the training drills before kick off over the other side of the pitch at away games, meaning the players never really got to clap the away fans :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Not been funny but he clearly chose to leave, as per article.


I don’t think we ever looked as fit as what we should of been. Therefore I think it is the right thing by Bradley moving on.

Welcome to the club Jack.

​Not something against someone, but I had a feeling other teams looked a little bit fitter. Little bit stronger, a little bit faster, so it is probably the right move.

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Liked Bradley as a player but never quite got how he landed the strength and conditioning role (if he has the qualifications then fair enough) but he seemed to just land at the club after finishing playing. I share the same thoughts as above that maybe our players could have been fitter and stronger to last the pace of 90 minutes.
Good to see we have someone else on board to add to the new direction.

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It comes a few days after the Performance Analyst Callum Hayes left

Looks on the outside like it’s a freshening up of the back room staff & it’s the clubs choice

Seems like a cull is taking place, perhaps there will be an announcement soon that Gamble and Mole are no longer required, we live in hope.