Brentford's Hey Jude

A lot of club’s have a club song / track such as Man City - Blue Moon, Stoke - Delilah and i see Brentford have a new club song (Hey Jude), which from memory of visits there they never had this until they reached the prem, so maybe they have done it as a bonding club and fans exercise ?

Anyhow if BB wants to take up this idea, it got me thinking of some club songs we could have;

The only way is up - Yazz
Things can only get better - D’ream
I know it’s over - The Smiths
Don’t Worry be happy - Bobby McFerrin

Got to be plenty more?

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Only one for me.

Keeping the dream alive - Freiheit.

Although ive now got that Yazz song in my head which will now be all day. Thanks for that :rofl:

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Fred Barberism begins at home


Craig Shakespeare’s sister?


Yellow Ribbon. But adapted by a local band to be more terrace than 1950’s western. It shouldn’t be too hard.

I play guitar a bit and really badly. I might send a tape in.


Shouldn’t that be Things Can Only Get Incrementally Better?


Oh and in keeping, I’d go for Heaven Knows I’m miserable now. The Smiths. Or anything by the Smiths.

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George Michael, praying for full time.


At 3 - 0 after 20 minutes “Stop me if you think you’ve seen this one before”.

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This Smiths tune is ace, end of, and has the right vibe for WFC ( the refrain says it all!)…

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Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now should be more apt!

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For me, its always been Dont stop Believing. Adapt it to anything!

An updated yellow Ribbon would be perfect to actually chant along to.

How long have we actually sung it?

I don’t know exactly but I remember it as the first song I heard when I first started going, around 1982 ish. Probably well before that I reckon.

We like the Yellow Ribbon idea…


Una Paloma Blanca
I’m just a swift in the sky
Una Paloma Blanca
Over the Bescot I fly
Yes no-one can take my Walsall away

I’d attach the song if I knew how. Maybe a bit too uplifting for the Bescot at the moment though!?

You Can’t Always Get What You Want – The Rolling Stones

One to be played when we are 3-0 down at half-time:

Should I stay or should I go?

That is my phone’s ring tone. I love the Smiths, best concert I have been to.

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What has happened to Starship when we win?