Bristol Rovers (A) 6th Oct, 3pm


Play more creative players instead of just stoppers - needs a fine balance between being able to defend and also attack - gone from not being able to defend to now not being able to score


Which creative players do you suggest should be playing?


1-1 Coventry Amadou Bakayoko with the goal…


We are creating a lot but we just cannot finish at the minute…lets hope this spell ends soon.


Ronan? Morris?

But to be fair we created more than enough that isn’t the issue here


You’re right, Cook’s had 3 good chances.


Ferrier had a golden one in the first minute too.


Walsall’s goalpost rattled by free kick, 91 min …




Walsall back in the top 6…


YES!!! 92nd minute, and I don’t mind at all …


To be honest it’s been a very entertaining game. Just wish we could nick it.


I think we have …


Totally deserved


And there it is. Morrrriiiissss UTS


Morris with the goal. Totally deserved win going by the stats as no doubt Worsul4eva is currently scrutinising. :wink:


Made all the sweeter by the fact that Portsmouth, Peterborough, Doncaster and Accrington all lost !!


Excellent result. Fair play to Morris, he should start our next game. I’m well chuffed, time for a few more beers.


FANTASTIC WIN …well done everyone. Looks like it was fully deserved after a very good performance.


I still think top 4 will be Barnsley, Sunderland, Posh and Pompey. They are the best 4 sides in this division comfortably.

No doubt in my mind though there are two place available in top 6 for whichever outsider wants them.