Bristol Rovers (A) 6th Oct, 3pm


When was Leahy offside? When the free kick was taken? Impossible to tell from the video. Or did the referee think that there was a touch by a Walsall player after the keeper had fluffed it? From the video Guthrie missed his attempted back-header.

There are no indications that the assistant raised his flag for offside, in fact it looks as if the Walsall players were hoping for support from the assistant against the suggestion of a foul. If the flag was up I think the home players would have reacted differently.

We cannot see if the referee raised his arm for an indirect free-kick, which he would have done for offside, and when talking to the players signals something by touching one hand against the other - which makes me think that the referee gave hand ball against Leahy, which would explain the caution. A crazy decision, but since the Bristol goalkeeper was wearing bright red this might have been the cause for the confusion.

Incidentally, why do referees allow keepers to wear shirts which are similar to those of the outfield players?


Although the comparisons between this team and the promotion season under Graydon are as clear as they are obvious, over the past 4-5 weeks there’s a striking resemblance to how we’d fare half way through Dean Smith’s tenure.

In between the relegation battles and the push for promotion, we went through a spell where, if teams came at us, we’d be able to pick them off. When teams had figured us out, they sat deep, got men behind the ball, and made themselves difficult to beat. Especially at home.

It was only when Smith worked out a way to combat this (the emergence of Sawyers, along with the gamble in Bradshaw paying off, and a different system) that saw us make a sustained push up the league.

If Keates can work out a way of getting through these stubborn defences then a playoff push will surely be in the cards


If you watch what happens when Leahey is complaining to the ref after he has disallowed it, the ref clearly points to his hand. He’s disallowed it for handball. When the ball comes over to the far post one of our players tries to head it in and has his arm outstretched. As it goes over him it goes past his arm, the ref thinks it comes off his hand towards Leahey which it doesn’t. A case of giving what you are expecting to see instead of what you actually see with the angle he is seeing it from helping convince him that’s what happened.


That’s just for French polishers isn’t it?!:wink:


First time at the Memorial ground on Saturday. Thought we thoroughly deserved the win, but could so easily have gone the other way with the free kick hitting the woodwork. Couldnt see anything wrong with Leahy’s goal either at the time or on the clip - im sure the referee even pointed back to the centre circle only to change his mind. Disappointed that we had another of those ‘power hungry’ referees that was trying to show that he was the boss - and then completely inept at enforcing the rulebook - Cookie nearly had his shirt ripped off his back right in front of his eyes and he still didnt give it.
Any news on Ferrier? He didnt seem to be injured at half time, and ive not seen anything on why he was taken off.
Ive taken the missus to two matches now - both of which we have won 1-0 with Morris scoring the winner ! A last minute winner makes the weekend so much better :smile:


Hope you’ve got her ticket for Saturday then :wink:


Dont think he was offside at any point, nor was there a foul. Notably none of the Rovers players appeal for anything


Never thought of that Bob,I was looking at a hand ball or a push…I’ll get my coat…:hot_face:


Dean said he took on knock on his calf against the Sloppies and it was sore at HT so he was taken off as a precaution.


The referee clearly signalled it was for handball. Yet another incorrect decision…perhaps sometime soon we will get one in our favour .On the other hand if it had been given the team and the away following would have been deprived of a last minute winner which are always special!!!


Agree, superb pass that no-one else in the side would have picked out.

For Dobbo to be that far up the pitch in the 93rd minute is interesting as he rarely ventured anywhere near the opposition box in two previous home games. Have to argue that Kinsella (who was excellent) gives us a much better balance in midfield and allows Dobson more freedom to create.

The controlled lay-off from Cook is decent too…


That goal really was a combination of our three best players on the day. Leahy with a decent ball forward, quality hold up play from Cook something he did all game, Dobson with the clever little ball through which is almost the norm for him now and Cook again with the neat lay off.



Issue is, how do replicate it at home?


No he wasn’t. Guthrie didn’t touch it for me.


It’s great to see Cook play well and link up better. I think he’s been shocking recently so it’ll do him the world of good. Just needs a goal. Still don’t think he’s as good as some think though. Too inconsistent. Hope I’m wrong.


Yep, needs to start doing the business at Bescot if he’s to convince people - home games are where a forward of his ilk should be dominating and making a name for himself.


Is there a game on Saturday?? :thinking:


I never said which Saturday :wink: I was just joking :laughing: I know it’s been rescheduled for the 6th Nov on a Tuesday hasn’t it ?


He limped onto the pitch at full time to join in with the celebrations


I was behind the goal and the lino did NOT flag for offside - or any other offence (which is presumably why Leahy was pointing the ref towards him). It did look to me like the ref was indicating a handball but who against I couldn’t say as I didn’t see one from where I was. I think the booking was for dissent as Leahy continued arguing the toss quite strongly.

Ferrier was limping a bit towards the end of the first half - he was clipped by a defender a long way from the ball as he chased it into the corner (which the ref strangely failed to see, as well as the constant shirt tugging at every corner, yet did see an infringement that no one else did to disallow Leahy’s goal).