Bristol Rovers (A) 6th Oct, 3pm


People more bothered about talking absolute nonsense or making daft fishing puns, rather than talking about the game just lately…


I agree, and it’s absolutely absurd. I for one will not be reeled in by this kind of behaviour. It’s not what the net is for.


People talk about what they want to talk about. What do you want? Re-education camps on Barr Beacon?


Hilarious… Said no one ever.


Just discussions about football in general, or the team we all love. I thought that was the whole point?


It is , but its also good to have a little humour and try and put a smile on user’s face’s now and again …You miserable old Trout you :wink:


Perhaps a just a short, sharp shock facility to beat the vestige of a sense of humour out of everything and everyone? :no_pedestrians:


The best I can suggest is to start some threads of your own. But don’t expect to keep control of them. They’re like children, turning out in ways you never foresaw.


Fair enough guys! Maybe it’s just my sense of humour, or lack of! Carry on fishing :wink:


Things tend to burn themselves out after a while and conversations return to the main topic. It’s about 20 times more preferable to Arsebook though where things inevitable end up in a pitched battle.


Really pleased with the win yesterday, agree it’s always seems better with an injury time goal, couldn’t believe what I was seeing as it came up on final score! And Morris the scorer! Fair play to him, as I’ve questioned his desire at times! He deserves a run in the side. Now I must continue my search for a special book that I’m having difficulty in finding!! Wonder if anyone can help me it’s " Fly Fishing" by JR Hartley! ( may only apply to a certain age group )


It might be as simple as we beat poorer teams and lose and draw to the better ones. 5 of our 6 wins have been against teams in the bottom 6


Have to say what a lovely little pass it was from Dobson yesterday. Many players would’ve had a shot given it was 94th minute and wouldn’t even have seen Morris.

Class player.


Have you tried yellow pages?


Another good win seems like we have two different teams this season even with the same players on pitch.
At home we struggle a bit seem unsure and afraid to try things ( could be due to crowds reaction ) away we play with no fear and go for it really enjoy games away at the moment and the interaction between players and fans away is fantastic.


Yes, the fish one was dying, even dead, until @WalsallBen threw it back in…


I hope it doesn’t evolve into something equally as nasty. Last thing we want is another newt one!


And I think it’s all pretty spontaneous. It’s not like there’s one or two people deliberately sabotaging threads , as had happened on the old site.


Leahy’s ‘goal’ can be seen in these highlights.


Leahy was offside. Correct decision, unfortunately.