Bristol Rovers away coach

Anyone know to any travel to Bristol rovers away as the coach is sold out many thank you

‘The’ coach? Just one? seriously? how poor is that…

Do you know of any alternative please

The train

Shame there isn’t a beer bus

On a related topic, anyone know if you can pay on the day? Doesn’t say on respective websites.

Only if you fancy a long diversion. Works on at Bristol Parkway so either have to go via Swindon or Newport which adds at least an hour to both trips.

Right pain in the backside otherwise I’d have probably popped down to this as always enjoy a trip to Gloucester Road when in Bristol and the ground is 5 minutes away from all the pubs.

National Express from Digbeth to Bristol coach station & back is currently £20.80.

Check on Facebook. Ask in Walsall Fans Have A Fit - there was a guy there asking if anyone wanted to go on a minibus.

What guy do you know his name please mate

No idea, sorry. Just remember seeing a post. Ask on the page.

Michael Potts on Facebook. Dept 9am. He posted yesterday only one seat left.

Avoid the trains at the minute - they are a right mess. Megabus from Birmingham is probably cheaper than National Express, and you can get one to Bristol UWE which i think is closer to the ground

Don’t get bus to UWE main campus it’s a treck from there. Get any of the buses that go to Horfield or up the Gloucester Road.

Ah wasn’t aware of this. I’ll be travelling from Cardiff so a very easy 30 minute journey.

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I can’t believe there isn’t more interest in travelling on coaches , is it the lack of supporters going or coach companies not interested ?

it’s a case of once bitten twice shy, those dawson’s coaches are terrible :laughing:


them woz the dazs :bus: wonder if they we’re with the AA that far back :rofl::rofl:

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