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Bristol Rovers (H) 26th Dec, 3pm


:clap::grin::clap::grin::clap:Well you seem to accept it if no enjoying it.


Accept it? I’m not part of the team or manager but I believe both have them have said it’s unacceptable. I agree with them.

It’s not happy clapping to suggest the attendance figures are much more a commentary on the club as a whole than player ratings, particularly when as we’ve said they are doing at least as well as anyone expected (and better than most)

Happy clapper indeed. ■■■■ that nonsense.


Well I’ve got to go to work now el_nombre,its been fun jousting with you…:smiley:


My biggest concern re the coaching side of things is Morgan Ferrier. A player of undoubted class and ability. He proved that in the first 10 games. Whats happened to him ?


My take is that he put the fear of God into defences at first. Then they got wise. They realised if you just blocked him off rather than tackle him he has no plan B . Rather than turn around and pass,keeping possession, he still tries to get a goal attempt in. Maybe he was good enough to do that at the level he was playing in before.

He hasn’t adjusted, and his record going back to Arsenal is that he doesn’t take advice well. If Keates has made a mistake it might not be that he hasn’t got him to change. More it could be that he thought he could be changed.


For me it was something, what previous gaffer wanted to do. Wingers are for overcrowding midfield, not stretch defence line and cross from byline. The last one, who tried to do it (I mean crossing part), gone. So I would say replacement is needed. And one proper fullback too, please.


I agree mate it’s clearly been coached into them to drift inside and not stay wide as they should.


I looked at the last 15 games and we are averaging less than a point a game, meaning if we carry on like this we will end up with somewhere in the low 50’s at best. It would seem that August was a bit of an aberration (all be it a good one!) and we show no sign of recovering the form of those first 4-5 weeks.


He had a few good games start of the season but considering he was billed as Ozzy’s replacement been pretty disappointing.

It’s alright continually slagging off the FBs but the wide players have to do so much more, both in tracking back and actually getting crosses in given Cook and Gordon have shown they can adapt to this level.

Can see Morris and Ismail being shown the door end of the season.


Personally id keep Morris. But hes very much in last chance saloon territory. Ismail. He needs to go asap. I dont want to see him in a Wfc shirt ever again


How many last chances will Morris get? He’s about 38 now and has been largely average (at best) throughout his time here.


Morris was pretty good at Posh and I’ve always liked him some of the attributes he has as a player.

Disappointing to read he was back to being non-existant yesterday.

As KS is trying to say he’s not a 20 year old youth team prospect anymore. Showed good potential under Smith but hasn’t kicked on since.

From 2016-18 he simply hasn’t offered enough goals or assists for amount of starts he’s had.

Maybe he’ll wake up in league two next season.

Edit: Hard to believe he once played in a play off semi final as a central midfielder!!


That’s exactly it. He’s had so many chances and has never hit any kind of consistency. Its not as if his highs are that amazing it is worth persevering with as he’s just ok, nothing more.


Kieron made some runs at this game, but later it was hard to see him. And it’s hard to cross, when you end your run in penalty area. For the next season, well, I can’t see position where he could play. Winger? Crossing is a factor. Midfielder? He doesn’t control the game that much. Offensive one? Not enough creativity, and gaffer wants to play without one. Box to box midfielder? Sorry, there are already players in the club for this position. I know he can score good goal, but for me that’s not enough.


I think if he can play well for the remainder of the season he possibly deserves one more year. Thats a big IF though. As stated how many chances do u give him. Id happy to see a complete clear out of the defence. Release them all. I also think Roberts inexperience at this level is catching up on him


Agree Sid , the attendances say it all.