Build your Saddlers Team

Nobody picking deeney or fryatt ? Who played at a much higher standard than jorge and Bradshaw


Chris Baird

Gary O’Neil
George Evans


Colin Taylor and my all time favourite Walsall player Tony Richards. I consider him the greatest player to ever put on the shirt.
So glad you picked those two.


Darren Bazeley … wow id forgotten about him. Blimey, some memories coming back with names folks are pulling out. Brilliant.

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Chris Baird and GoN. Superb.

As Shrewsbury Saddler implies, you can’t really suggest a team without specifying an era, e.g. since you started watching, or the Buckley era, or the Bescot era, or - dare I say this - the Bonser era (please forgive my language), etc.

True, but Jorge and Bradshaw were better for Walsall than either of those two in my opinion. Jorge in particular is a club legend.

No one picked Mark Blake yet?


Its a bit of fun Ped. Just your favourites … not necessarily the best or era based. Who gives you the fondest memories.

I’m shocked nobody has mentioned Chris Palmer

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Oh mate jorge will always be an icon for any walsall fan but an all time 11 is hard to put him in. Keates , bukran , wrack, roper and even Martin butler but ya can’t put them in. Always liked Matt carbon as well me

I don’t think that midfield four will do much tracking back :sweat_smile: Would be special with the ball though!

Thanks for that . Yes I consider myself a lucky guy in that I have seen some the best teams we have ever put out and some good players and some real characters too but as you know from my posts I live in hope I may yet see a revival although the way the game is structured today it seems to get more and more difficult for us.

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Manager Chris Nicholl
Subs Kevin Wilson Roger Boli Wayne Evans Nicky Cross Scott Dann Romaine Sawyers.

A true legend, up there with the mighty Gary Porter.

Yes they had to be in…I sometimes I wonder if playing today what Tony Richards would be worth. Mind you with his record I doubt he would be with us for more than a couple seasons.

Best team of the Pomlett/Trivela era would be interesting. Have we ever had such a procession of forgettable players?

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Manager Dicky Dosh

GK Jimmy Walker

LB Colin Gibson
CB Paul Ritchie
CB Adi Viveash
RB Darren Bazeley

DM Gabor Bukran

CM Vinny Samways
CM Paul Merson

LF Jeff Peron
CF Kyle Lightbourne
RF Jorge Leitao

Honourable mentions too
Dean Keates, Kevin Wilson , Gino Padula , Zigor Aranalde , Martin O’Connor

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I could pick a handful of decent players that’s about it

1 think the glaring difference between the two eras was the 1960s Teams and later ,we competed for and had top quality players of that time and level ,and lots of players moved on to a higher level .after the Smith era for me it’s been the opposite .poor quality not good enough for levels we’ve played at .few players moving on to higher grade .hence the decline.I do hope we’re going to see a reversal of that as regards player quality.I know we need to be realistic but the bottom line is fans deserve a team that can compete.that will be enough for most .then we can hope the rest promotion can happen .

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