Burton Albion (A) EFL Trophy, Tue 4th Sep 7.45pm


What a good result for a very young and inexperienced team which played the last few minutes with one CB. Burton’s team seemed to be much more experienced. Perhaps we have more strength in-depth than we thought. Ok the competition is not the best but every win builds confidence. Well doe everyone. UTS


Not a bad game that, was impressed with wilson and morris, the 2 new dingle lads played well, parker looked every inch an accomplished forward in the first half but not so in the second, devlin played well, but the reason we conceded was because some of the lads were dead on their feet, and we had used 2 subs with at least another 2 players struggling.


Really think we need 1 more cb


Another positive result. Glad to hear the new boys did well.


I would say that the biggest plus from tonight would be that we have good strength in depth, but as someone just said we need another experienced cb.


Glad the new lads and kids did well. Wins = confidence. Other than that, not really arsed!


Tbh neither am i, the only reason i watched it tonight was to see what the new lads where like, i think there was only about 750 fans there? but IF we did get to wembley again in this compo, then my cba would turn quickly into Get Me In :rofl:


BBC Radio Dingle said that Devlin was captain (sounds more plausible!).


I can’t quite believe this season. It’s great! :astonished::star_struck:
We’ve now played 9 games - and we remain unbeaten (penalties aside). That’s some record! Can’t remember our unbeaten record (13 under Bill Moore, I seem to recall, but that might not be it) but this is still a terrific run. It’s such a pity about the Macca penalty fiasco because a cup run would be the icing on the cake - but, Hey! let’s be thankful for a terrific run.
BTW, why do you think so many of our players are so Donald Ducked towards the end of games as this is not the first time this season I’ve seen such comments? Is it because we’ve got young players who are not quite fully “age fit” yet, or do they run their betties off during games? UTS experts, what do you think?


Maybe after Morris substitution. It looked like Morris was captain, but I missed few first seconds.


yes i think you are right, i think i saw them swapping the arm band when morris came off.


Devlin was captain from the start.


Not according to saddlers.co.uk


Be careful to ensure the accuracy of your posts or Pinnacle will have a meltdown.


Only if it is Welsh who commits the crime.:grinning:

(He may have done so earlier in this thread.:rage:)


This is an existential outrage and a disgrace. This will not only spoil my entire week, and I was planning to enjoy a long walk on the beach, but will also compromise the security of the entire universe.

Has the man no shame! :weary:


As said on WM Dobson & Ronan in midfield would be awesome .




Not to mention I was there and saw Devlin lead the team out with a white band around his upper arm that was inscribed ‘captain’