Burton Albion (A) EFL Trophy, Tue 4th Sep 7.45pm


I think we need to wait for Pinnacle to determine who was correct, and who hasn’t corrected their inaccuracy within milliseconds.

Only then can we castigate the offender before casting them into the metaphorical pits of hell. Whilst posting endlessly about it.


Well,speaking as a UTS expert :face_with_monocle: I’d say it’s because they want to run till they drop for a manager they respect and want to play for.


Obviously ‘Fake News’ on Twitter. :grin:

(I mean iFollow/the official site.)


Hope there’s some footage of the goals from last night, the second was a real slick bit of football.


This is eating me up. We need to identify the careless miscreant immediately!
My life is ruined and can only be made whole again with remorseless castigation.


Highlights …


These “highlights” are all well and good but have they been verified by Pinnacle?

If not, I won’t rely on them for accuracy. They could be well orchestrated fake highlights.

Please let the truth be known…


Chill dude, on a scale of 1 to 10 this only registers 99.999 F***king Billion, and made me summon up a storm on the coast of Japan Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


That second goal was scrumptious. Love a good quick team goal.


Did those highlights seem a bit biased towards the home team perhaps?


I know almost every league one and league two fan hates this competition, me too, but its already made us £30K so far.

£20K for taking part in the competition and another £10K for winning last night, unless uncle Jeff gets his grubby little mits on it.


He has already put it on a down payment for a small yacht :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




They did have 13 shots on goal to our 4.


They had quite a few efforts in the last 5 mins or so, we did struggle a little at the back when we made a few changes and the guy with his hair tied up caused us problems with his pace.