Burton Albion (A) Mar 2nd, 3pm


Plus he might end up driving our ■■■■■■■ coach …:see_no_evil:


I may now withdraw my post but seeing as people can still read it after i won’t bother :rofl:


We will meet soon mate i’m sure :wink:


I doubt it im ■■■■■ in a 7.5 tonner :rofl:


A quick “BUMP” along with the good news that I won’t be around for updating tomorrow - social gathering in Landan to attend … UTS!!!


That’s strangle ,he told me at work he was having a photo shoot today because he’s a dead spit of Danny DeVtio :thinking:,Some promotional thing apparently.


Morning all, does anybody know if you can pay on the gate today? Had a last minute urge to go up and support the lads?


I’m sure you can.


Cheers pal. Just called the ticket office - £20 adult standing pay on the day :ok_hand:


Thanks. I had the same thought too :+1:t2:


It’s that Saturday feeling .”the match day urge” come on you saddlers.


Urge also felt .

Day completely re arranged , missus hood winked and off we go .

Come on you Saddlers !!!


Early morning change of plan and we have decided to ditch the car and take the train. The little man will be tasting his first proper away day - early breakfast sorted, now on train to Burton, and his first game standing on a terrace. Just need 3 points now :grinning:


Standing tickets only left on the gate


Team is the same as last week apart from Dobson replacing Cook.



Looks a well-balanced team and bench. Hopefully we can get at least a point. UTS


Good to see we’re packing the midfield. This is pretty much what I’d have gone with.


4-3-3 formation, according to pre-match commentary.

PS I can add they have good music before the game.


:fu:t3:■■■■ :joy: