Burton Albion (A) Mar 2nd, 3pm


Watching on ifollow - looks a good turnout. Let’s hope the players can give them something to shout about




Brizzle Rovers 1-0 up against Blackpool! we are in jeopardy currently, must get something out of this game…please!!!


We are getting stuck in
Devlin lucky not to be booked now Gordon has been

Not great on the eye but plenty of graft so far


2-0 now.


Solid in defence, toothless in attack. Don’t concede and one point will be a bonus. And Gordon works to see red card.


They carved us open just the once in the first half. We are doing OK. Could pinch this.


This is a 1-0 game, standard against Clough at this level.


We are having a good spell at the minute


Oxford just scored, down to 20th in the live table.


Sounds like loads of Burton corners atm.


Bradford 4-1 down, they are done and dusted.


Cluster of four clubs on 41 points in the live table. A goal puts us amongst them. So many teams that can be dragged into this.


Jarvis just wide


Blackpool being actually deducted 12 points is very much needed I think.


A point today is vital - 3 would be a major help (stating the obvious!)


Great chance for Gordon from a cracking cross by Jarvis - good save tbf


Heard locally that this is very much a possibility!
A ‘Plymouth’ to happen again? perhaps, we certainly do need a bit of luck again, todays results currently making our position untenable.


I thought Blackpool would be alright regardless but they seem to have lost form just as big bad Oyston is selling up strangely.

The more teams down there and out of form the better, certainly need at least 50 points this year to be secyre,


Yep - it’s gonna be extremely close this season by the look of things as they currently stand