Burton Albion (A) Mar 2nd, 3pm


Oxford now 2-0


Gillingham with another late away winner, 0-1 at Fleetwood. They are another who looked really poor and are now seriously picking up.

Point is o.k, nothing more or less than that.


Play with this level of commitment for the rest of the season and we will be fine

Strange we haven’t brought fresh legs on though


Presume he doesn’t want to disrupt the formation as they hang on for a point, we could have done with 3 points though.


Maybe but we aint hanging on, far from it
Oteh might have been a good option for Ismail though
Gordon has worked his ■■■■■■■■ off


Gillingham 13th as it stands. Goes to show how tight it is. What a horrible run of fixtures we have coming up.


Good point but shame we couldn’t have got the lot


No complaints with that performance

Well done lads


Fleetwood feels like another must win tbh. Can’t see much else. Barnsley only had 10 men today and demolished Southend. Pompey have been out for form but won 5-1 today.


Not looking too good is it?
Lets hope the EFL do take those 12 points off Blackpool, might be our only chance of avoiding the drop.



A point away following last week’s win is good. Keep building on it.


Hope JB is as worried as we are but I doubt it somehow

Maybe SG is talking ■■■■■■■■ as usual! :grinning:


Gills now 1-1. Dropped from 13th to 18th.


Would’ve been much better result if Oxford AND Bristol hadn’t won. Stating the obvious but they are pushing up the points total needed for 20th team to stay up.


Hmmm… reminding me of a certain poster of all things doom and gloom. You know, the one that doesn’t post anymore😉

That was more than OK and if repeated enough will gain us the points we need to easily stay up. Teams near the top tend to be under pressure at this stage of the season, so we could pick up a few surprise results over the next few games.



We have Fleetwood at home to save our season, because 4 almost certain defeats will follow, I bet a lot of our local competition around the zone will have noticed those unbelievable set of fixtures too, and will be rubbing their hands.


Me and you might fall out over this if there weren’t more important matters happening at the moment! Hope you are right about some surprise results against these top clubs, but, being someone who only posts ‘doom & gloom’ I will of course have doubts about the viability of such unexpected results eh?


It’s just opinions eh?

I’m struggling to logically accept we can avoid the drop but equally, form is massive and we just have to hope that we can stop the rot (4 points from the last 2 is a good start) and hope others fall over

The problem is that quite a few teams down around us are picking up points when we do and that’s worrying me more…


We won’t fall out cuz we both know who you really are :rofl::rofl:

I don’t need to be Poirot or Barnaby to work it out. Or maybe you just stalked him for a few years and stole his soul?

Any road, get a grip. You went last week and saw the commitment. Today was the same. We will be OK, stop fretting.


Point is a point. All three? Would be too complicated, even when Burton haven’t played really good game. Team looked much better, than before appointing MOC. So he was probably that missing ingredient. Only small note, someone could tell manager what are subs and how to use it to change game, when needed. Today it would help, I think a lot. Fresh legs, near the end, could change final score.