Burton Albion (A) Mar 2nd, 3pm


Who ever said we don’t care??

Quite the opposite in my opinion - we care passionately it’s just a shame those in the boardroom don’t share the same sentiment


What’s wrong with the BBC report?


Written by the Burton Mail reporter.


I moved away from Walsall 8 years ago, but it’s performances like today and Bradford that make me really miss going to the matches. I have one match left before i head back to Orkney, and I’m hoping for a full house of committed performances.


Short but a fair reflection.


34 seconds on Quest.

3 Chances


Another possible lifeline?




Thought Burton were there for the taking yesterday but we just haven’t got the quality to make it count. Loads of results went against us yesterday too which makes me Fleetwood game huge. We must not lose. Going into those tough games on the back of gaining a few points could make a difference.


I agree, but really think Fleetwood is now a must win game. Cant see anything more than a draw though. Fleetwood will be going into this game also needing to win but have the quality to achieve that, we sadly don’t.


Last two games have been a vast improvement.

This means we will finish third or fourth bottom rather than bottom.

We need six points from these next five games which will probably still see us bottom four coming out of March but should be enough to keep us attached to the pack.

That the club find itself needing a “shock” result or two against top sides to stay in touch is appalling. Our ultimate relegation a result of a complete lack of competence from top to bottom within the club.


I agree but if we manage to stay up because of contributing factors surrounding league financial/administrative regulations with the likes of Blackpool and Coventry and JB thinks he can take any credit from this season then the bloke is more of a joke than many of us really think…

This season has highlighted the outdated and uninspiring leadership from the board that’s made up of the gravy train yes men that JB has appointed and they appear to have no responsibilities to the fans only to the pay master himself - in any other business there’d be votes of no confidence and infighting across the board but not here in Jeffs domain

Chronic situation that ultimately will bring about the downfall of the club


And so say all of us, and so say all of us !! As implied to find ourselves in this position is gross negligence on behalf of the dinosaur owner and his feeble board of directors, they have allowed us to sleepwalk in to mediocrity and apathy whilst wringing their hands of responsibility and accountability, I sincerely hope the action group can achieve the ultimate aim of bringing about a change in direction regarding ambition. I look forward to the day we rid ourselves of the amateur mentality that prevails at board level, Bonser out, Gamble out, Mole out!!!


4 points will be fine.

Hoping for win v Fleetwood but they’re in good form atm. Maybe Keates is thinking grinding out draws in next few weeks isn’t the worst strategy.

Regardless if the team dosen’t get 8 points from Accy, Oxford, Southend, Wycombe and Posh games they’re not going to stay up.


Just looking at Brizzle rovers run in, only got 5 home games left and two of them are against Luton and Barnsley (that is last day so Barnsley may be up by then). Also got Charlton at home which I missed.

Don’t think it’s a certainty they’ll make 50 points. Better GD though.


Totally agree that was a committed performance by players and fans.If we can keep that going we will be ok.League table is obviously worrying but as others have said the fact that there are so many clubs within a point or two gives us every reason to believe.One or two of those just above us will have a poor run and if we keep the same level of performance we have shown in the last two games we will be alright.


Not so long ago, after games against Wimbledon or Rochdale, relegation looked like a certainty. Now it looks like a possibility. I know there are tough games in March, but I predicted to myself 4-5 points from this period and it can still happen. But next month will decide, where club is going, not this one.


I think this season will see someone go down on 50 plus points. I believe we hold the record still for relegation from the Championship on the highest points total, would be ironic if we managed the same feet in League 1.

I reckon we will get 13 points from our remaining games, although I would not be surprised if that came from a shock win against Barnsley or Sunderland and to throw points away against Oxford or Accrington .


I’m still 98% certain we’ll drop. For me, these 2 great performances are too little, too late given the March run-in.


I actually think the toetal could be less than 50.