Burton Albion (A) Mar 2nd, 3pm


7/4 at William Hill for us to be relegated. If we beat Fleetwood that could well move out to 5/2 or even 3/1 because we’d climb the table and current form would look good.

If affordable I’d keep an eye on that. Either an extra £1.50 per game on your season ticket for another great escape and third division football or over £100 off your fourth division season ticket.


We we’re 5/2 after the Rochdale game, I was so tempted to lump £100 on the basis that if the worst did happen, my season ticket would effectively cost me my £100 stake. Cheaper than Bradford!


We’re 2.6 on coral! I’m going big on that.


The Hills price is bigger. 2.6 is 8/5. (Stake return is included in decimal odds.)


Just going to post the same :smile:


Wow, there’s me (sorry AM it would appear) supposedly the doom & gloom merchant, yet posters are arguing about the rates available for UTS’s willing to make money by betting on us getting relegated!!!
I despair, we CAN still avoid the drop, we must not give up on the lads by betting on the inevitability of relegation!




It’s not giving up or being negative it’s being realistic.weve got away with it for a long time now this season is when it finally catches up with us mark my words as sad as it is.


Indeed, it’s weighing up the fixtures/performances (analysed to death on here) against the value being offered by the bookie.

The contents of my betting account has zero impact on the pitch.


Sorry but the negativity on here at times make my rants seem quite positive at times, surely we should think positively, yes in all probability we are almost certain candidates for the drop, but we have seen an improvement in the teams attitude in the last two games, and here’s hoping that can translate into actual results during our very difficult run of fixtures during March, keep the faith boys, Walsall aye we!


Can’t help but feel the response to this result and performance is overly negative.

At the end of the day it was a solid away performance against one of the teams dropping from the champ. One that got to the semis of the EFL Cup this year, can’t imagine us ever getting anywhere near that.

We could have done with more than a point simply because of the fixtures coming up and there is obviously clear danger of us still being relegated, in fact I’d say we were 3rd favourites.

But after the last two fixtures this does not look like a team doomed for league 2. Something has changed. The new approach Keates was talking about. MOC bringing in a fresh voice. If we can get a win against Fleetwood or 4 points from the next 4 fixtures I’d back us to get the 7 points remaining that we need. Fleetwood is massive though, granted.


Agreed to much negativity for my liking . (A lot coming from fans who don’t even attend the matches). The club are making improvements but people still moan all the time . The players and management look as though they are pulling in the right direction now.

We will NOT get bonser out any time soon so let’s get behind our club and try and show abit of positivity and fight like the players have shown recently.UTS


Looking at it with a glass half full perspective remember Portsmouth have dropped points against :

Bristol Rovers

So it is not a given they will beat us


Great post gavin77 that’s the sort of positive attitude we all need and to show our support for the team that’s all that counts for the moment


Agreed…we can get out of this if we play as we have done over the past 2 games.


If we can get 3points Saturday and I don’t see why not if we all get behind the team. We may start to see the team playing with confidence and be ready for these big games that await us.plus the league table will look so much better . UTS


There’s no doubt things remain in our hands so to speak and with games against a few clubs around us it’s vital that our upturn in form continues

I just don’t want to have to visit the Sloppies in May needing anything :roll_eyes:


Yeah be great to go to Shrewsbury already safe . ( even better getting the win that sends them down ) :joy:


Think there’s more worry than negativity. Understandable.


If Bristol rovers win their game in hand we are in the bottom 4

It would be out of our hands then needing snookers