Burton Albion (H), Aug 29th, 3pm (Friendly)

The Saddlers entertain Burton in a behind closed doors friendly at the Bezla.

The full game will be available to watch on the Walsall FC YouTube channel.


First of three Saturday home games in a row, feels good to be back (without actually being there :smile:)

I might even sit down with a beer and watch this one :rofl:

We might finally get to figure out who these trialists are…

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I hope no bloody idiots turn up at the ground singing. We’ll be playing behind closed doors all season.

They will probably be wearing masks :smile:

who in their right mind would of expected supporters to turn up :joy::joy::joy:, embarrassing from whoever published that nonsense!

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We have enough problems getting people turning up and singing in normal times.

In seriousness though, I’d imagine it’s a pretty big day for the club in that respect, showing that they are ready to go.

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No ■■■■■■ sings on match days so doubt they will be flooding the car park in full voice

Who is Tommy Jackson? On the bench today as 2nd goalkeeper.

Brighton having 2.5k fans back for a friendly v Chelsea today. No paper tickets issued, you need to scan it off your phone going in.

Don’t it will be that drastic when fans return to Bescot but you obviously need to stop late walk ups going into the Tile choice lower as that’s always a big bottleneck queue five minutes before kick off.

Anyway team is Robbo, Norman, Clarke ©, Scarr, CCM, Kins, Bates, Gordon, Holden, Wes, Lavs.

Very attacking today.

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Academy keeper

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Picture quality is rubbish

You need eyes like a hawk with no zoom on lol

Agree. Camera has no zoom it would seem.

If you’re watching on a desktop monitor, switch to full screen. I just have, and can actually make out the family stand touchline now.

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Unwatchable, unfortunately. Oh well, Back to the Tour de France.

Play it down the right side of the pitch, lads.

Anyone got a line-up, to save me searching? I can’t make out who our left back and centre-mids are. Think I’ve got the other 8 clocked.

EDIT: LB looked like CCM when he just came narrow.

Please Walsall do something about the zoom. It’s hopeless like this. I hope the league matches will be better viewing.

Might climb up on my roof to see if I can make things out better. Disappointing after they have gone to effort to stream it