Burton Albion (H) Nov 3rd, 3pm


Time for G+T methinks.



Very sophisticated

Hendricks and Fevertree?


Fond of the Whitely Neil


One that will simultaneously engross Welsh and enhance Pinnacle’s mood:

GOAL -Carmarthen Town 3 Caernarfon Town 1


Bombay Sapphire (East) and Waitrose tonic.



Christ. We’ve been ■■■■ but what an over reaction


Sounds embarrassing - “dire, pitiful, dreadful” according to commentary.


The only positive to take from that is it is only 2-0 and we are still in it

Deano needs to get his barge pole working overtime now.


HT. Seems slightly one-sided.


It was a terrible first half, the formation isn’t working but I’m not confident Deano will change it, hope I’m wrong.



Improvement on possession may I add…


Spot on, it should be 0-4 - but no need to overreact.


@Taundz is here - put him on!


We’ve committed the same number of fouls!


We’re a bit out of our depth here…


Never fear…

We are a match for “anyone” in this league, i am sure we will come out 2nd half and give that “taytering” everyone has been talking about


What’s the shock? Burton were championship last season and only went down last day, have picked up recently and just had a brilliant result in the cup.

I think predictions of 3-0 were wildly optimistic, did people really fall for Clough saying they had 5 major injuries, their 18 today is easily top 10 standard.


The shock is our woeful first half performance


■■■■■■■ hell

More ■■■■ defending

Game over


Oh dear