Burton Albion (H) Nov 3rd, 3pm


0-3 now, game to forget.

Get Fitzwater back in perhaps.


Now they just hit the bar



Have we been on the pop?


You seen the home results lately?

It’s been a better than expected start but the reality is the wins have been against bottom 6 fodder. Any team in the mix for play offs have turned over Walsall comfortably, Luton, Donny, Accrington and now today.

The team is mid table standard and tbh with the restrictions from the owner it’s a decent season at this level.


You still hope for better than no shots…




BTW I’m not excusing lack of performance but if people are predicting 3-0 wins against in form teams they are likely to be very disappointed I’m afraid.


I’m watching it. The defending is pub level. It is not our normal standard

I’m not one to overact to a result- this is a capitulation.


In form teams?


Everyone was raving about Martin last week though?

As I said in the week it’s silly to say don’t play Fitzwater just because he might not be here past January. Maybe he’s still injured but if fit he’d be straight back in today as he’s the best defender at the club until Martin fully settles in.


Well a couple of posters were saying Burton were muck away from home but they’ve just taken 4 points from Plymouth and Pompey which is a decent haul at any stage of the season and obviously the Forest win would’ve massively boosted their confidence.

I accept the performance sounds like toss but I was expecting a point at best today tbh like Chunky.


I get that. But, Mate , 30% possession at home with 1 shot on goal is not acceptable - if we were playing Barcelona, it still wouldn’t be acceptable.

This is Utter Horse S*it , no bones about it.


Our home form has been a concern all season, something has to change.

This isn’t a shock. But they need to at least turn up, unless the gates are going to drop faster than…

Well I don’t even know what.


You may be right but one player should not make such a diff. They’ve got half their team missing.

Also last week we were good going forward whereas this week it’s not been too clever so far.


I think overall this team is still more effective away from home despite the last couple two results.

Disappointed the 3 man midfield that seemed to work well has been ineffective today. Burton are not easy to play against though in terms of their defensive structure, they’ve still got a player or two who featured in 15/16 after all.


Having a go now at last


Burton much better than Wycombe I’m afraid.

Akins, John Brayford, Jamie Allen, Devante Cole, Liam Boyce and Hesketh all more than good enough at this level. I’d love to know who these key Burton injuries are as most of those started in the week aswell.


Yes I’d have taken a point today too, but the capitulation is completely unacceptable, matched only by Deano’s inability to change it.


Outsmarted by Nigel Clough!


DK’s in game management does seem one area where he’s on a par with Whitney. Certainly should’ve been a sub or two at half time.

I get today is crap but would’ve taken top half in November without question so that’s why I’m not going too overboard.

Just my opinion but if it’s a mid table squad you will get mid table performances like this.