Burton Albion (H) Nov 3rd, 3pm


There back 4 mainly…

Ben Turner and the like


Not the worst manager in the world. Won promotions from this division and reached cup semi finals.


McFazden, Akins and Brayford all played in the week. Liam Boyce, one of the best strikers down here starting. Devante Cole didn’t start in the week but he’s shown at likes of Fleetwood he’s a good striker at this level.

They’ve got 8/11 out there that started v Forest so mind games from Clough Jr.


Anyway current stats are Walsall 4-6 Burton for shots on target so slight in improvement at least?


At least we’ve had a few attempts on goal this half.


Only two a-holes dared to predict a home defeat, but will still somehow be given woe for such an abhorrent prediction.
However, lets not argue about who lost to who, this is not a defeat, merely a ■■■■■ capitulation, shortly to be followed by a knockout in the FA cup 1st round (again). Not going well.
Another season over, lets hope we can recover in 19/20 season. Off to see a old fogies group at the local club, forget football and get smashed, it numbs the pain.


Clough is no fool at this level and lost his managerial L plates a long time ago, unlike our manager who i am sure will do a good job if given time by the fans and backing by uncle jeff.
Once again gentlemen we arrive at the heart of the problem.


Still tenth in the live table. Could be worse although obviously need a response on Tuesday.


Keep off the frosty jack :wink:


Agreed, will look different if we win our game in hand.

Whatever happened to ‘Fortress Bescot’



Our good start is still papering over the cracks.


Scunny come back from 3 down v Oxford.

Wycombe 1 nil up on Posh.

Pompey and Sunderland are easily the best two sides down here but once again rest of division is very average. Guess that’s people’s frustrations, it seems an open division this year and after a bright start the team just seem content to be in the top half?


Agreed and they are playing well today. Really good passing and moving and have looked dangerous all game.
But we have been CLUELESS


Would like to say it got knocked down, only it never got built did it :stadium:


Get yourself over to the Leahy/Devlin are the worst full backs in living history thread and fill your boots son. :wink:


Got 1 back anyway, 1-3. Time for a Bradford comeback?!


Nice finish from Cook


It’s on!

Scunthopre have just come back from 3-0 down vs Oxford!


Have another drink :smile:


Yeah it’s on, 15 minutes to save the day and he makes 2 subs, should have made a move far earlier in the game, this young man has a lot to learn, and today has shown his limitations, however, still has to be better than those awful times under Whitney!