Burton Albion (H) Nov 3rd, 3pm


Only consolation is that I have been supping San Miguel all afternoon at 2.50 euros a pint and only paid 6 euros to watch the match without a warm coat and scarf on.


And there was me thinking I should’ntbe so critical at Belphegor’s posts about the game as he’s actually got off his backside to go down and watch the game…:grinning:Silly me. :wink:


Difficult from 1000 miles away, however, ifolllow is good for those that live away

Better view as well and no shivering to distract from the game. :smile::smile:

PS and your appraisal of the game was based on?


It honestly wasn’t mean to offend! Didn’t realise you don’t like in U.K or on holiday?

My apprasial was based on:

Pompey 2 Burton 2
Plymouth 2 Burton 3
Burton 2 Forest 1 (and 8 of that 11 starting today).

Walsall 2 wins in last 10 before today.


Our defence is dreadful.

Martin is obviously a good player but unfit.

Guthrie is immobile.

Leahy, Devlin and Wilson are dreadful.

We have been shipping goals all season - hopefully we can sort it out in January


Even we can beat Plymouth - and Forest, for that matter.


And absolutely none was taken :smile:

I’m sort of living half and half

150 miles away when I’m in th UK and 1000 when in Spain

Really enjoying being able to watch the lads live on ifollow


2 funniest things today

  1. Ferrier getting MoTM. He was shocking. Weren’t many 7s or 8s today, but he was woeful. 3/10.

  2. The linesman on the family stand side didn’t actually know the offside rule.


Utter ■■■■■ start - finish, 1-11.


Any news about the attendance? I heard that Kings Langley were taking a car full.


Worst I’ve seen us play this season.
Wilson was absolutely diabolical, Leahy werent much better.


The poorest first half for many a day…indeed in all my years of watching the Saddlers I cannot remember any worse. 10 shots to 0 sums it up well. We did improve a little in the second half but the damage was done. A lot of people criticising the defence bu t my main concern today was the midfield…they all went missing. Dobson at least tried but his passing was not at its best but the others were completely outplayed by a Burton team playing a similar system.
Only Roberts and Cook can be pleased with their performances so lets hope for a rebound on Tuesday UTS


Roberts made some decent saves but how many times does he kick it straight out of play from a goal kick, it’s ridiculous


Well to be fair to him today the wind made life difficult when the ball went in the air. Their goalie was equally guilty.


True to a point but he does tend to kick a fair few out


Burton showed us up today especially first half …they had movement ,desire,passion,skill …at times it was men against boys . They were attacking us from every angle . We just could not cope with them.whereas as we were very predictable it was as tho they had an extra player on the pitch . But they have a good manager who has been with the club many years in 2 spells and where championship last year . Where we have Deano just starting off trying to sort out the mess that has gone before him . Today was a bad day but let’s not be too negative we are 10th in the table with a lot of new players and changes UTS


You probably won’t feel like going again to soon after that performance i bet … shocking


would rather of been drilling hole’s in my head never mind your house wall’s after that display …shocking


Looked like Fortless Bescot today …


…It hit his stomach