Burton Albion (H) Nov 3rd, 3pm


I’m afraid Tesco aren’t doing enough beer deal’s to numb the amount of pain after that today …


Not as many as Burton’s keeper …


A decent sized target :wink:


… which one …


What a ■■■■■■■ shambles! No redeeming features at all today.

Too much fannying around that eventually leads to a pointless hoof forward.

A Dean Keates team that refuses to tackle? Really?

I hope Wilson was given the bus fare back to West Brom at half time, and it was a single ticket.

MOTM announcement, why?


Everyone could see the problem after 10 mins so why did it take Deano 70 mins to change things? We looked better in the last 20 mins of the game but I got the feeling that Burton were just cruising at 3 up. Utter mare.


Very poor today. Looked like players didn’t all know our game plan, if there was one.

Midfield sat way too deep, so much ball watching, hesitating and pointing rather than doing all over the pitch.

Tactics should have been changed after 10 minutes, when we could, or should, have been 2 down.

Our young, inexperienced side need yet another ‘response’.

Rather than demand or expect that, I think it’ll be better for everyone if we just accept they are going to be inconsistent and try to enjoy the ride.


Another in the series of Dire Downloads


I’m too high to give a ■■■■


And you keep trying to get me to come? some fudgin mate you are :rofl:


Looking at the fixture list between now and Christmas and how we have performed against teams above us, I can only see us winning one game in that period.


I have not posted for several years (formerly SydneySaddler, now AussieSaddler due to move to Perth and a new bulletin board) but I watched last night’s match on iFollow and, having seen almost all of Walsall’s games this term, I am really concerned where this season is heading.

Saturday’s performance was a total shambles and it has been coming for a few weeks now. It was obvious to Blind Freddy that Saturday’s 4-3-3 formation and team selection was not working after fewer than 15 minutes and yet Keates made just one change before the 74th minute and that was not structural, simply replacing Wilson, who was totally out of his depth, with another right back.

Roberts: excellent shot stopper and rampant time waster (I know the six-second rule does not get enforced but most weeks he is asking for trouble) without whom we would be in the bottom six
Wilson: nowhere near good enough for this level; Devlin is better but that is not saying much
Martin: clearly the best defender in the squad; needs match fitness but understandably so
Guthrie: not much to choose between him and Fitzwater and, like Wilson, I cannot see the latter making headway at West Bromwich
Leahy: left winger playing at left back; obviously scouts are identifying Walsall’s full backs as weaknesses
Osbourne: there is a reason why a lower-ranked team released him
Dobson: sorry, I just do not get the man love; this is his level at best
Ronan: there is a player in there but he is a luxury in a 4-3-3 formation alongside Osbourne and Dobson
Ferrier: everyone raved about his display against Wycombe but, as was the case versus Burton, he wasted numerous good situations on the left flank; needs to be either the central striker or partnered with another forward and empowered to break off down the wings
Cook: he is like Andy Rammell from 20 years ago; knows his limitations but he will score goals off good service, which is something he is not receiving on a regular basis
Morris: starting on the right wing ahead of not one but two better wide players

Yes, the Banks’s Stadium dimensions probably do not suit Walsall as well as most of the away arenas but the Saddlers need to go back to 4-4-2 with Ismail and Ginnelly wide of Ferrier and Cook, they need to drop Ronan even though he has the most technical ability of the midfielders and they need to find at least one, perhaps two new full backs. The clocks have just changed so Perth is now eight hours ahead of Walsall and I do not know if I can be bothered staying up until 1:00am on Sunday mornings to watch more of what the Saddlers served up against Burton.

PS Does anyone know when Joe Edwards will be fit to return? He would go straight into the side.


On raw emotion?


Sometime in the new year, hopefully he will still be the player he was before the injury, some players like flo never recapture their form after a serious injury.


Nicky Devlin was my man of the match.
Our performance changed dramatically after he came on.
Leahy was not helped by having Ferrier in front of him. He is being asked to do perform a role which includes him getting forward at every opportunity. When Ginnely plays in front of him you can see how Ginnely covers much more defnsively when the oposition have the ball. Ferrier just stays around the half way line.
Time and time again last night when we had an attack (not at set pieces) the midfield were way back in their own half. No chance of picking up any loose balls coming back to us.
Very disapointed last night.
Off to Florida today. I’ll be watching the Charlton game on iFollow in the sunshine with a cold drink by the pool.
Hope we get a much better display.


Sure :drooling_face::grin:


You make a good point about Ferrier but it was also true of Morris on the other side and the 3 midfielders who were far too narrow. Wilson was poor but the acres of space in front of him exploited by one of Burton’s best players made it very difficult for the lad. I agree withe Aussie lad…a 4-4-2 at home please with every player knowing their role and working hard. Enjoy your holiday. UTS


We are also missing Chambers…old he may be but we have no none better at playing the holding role. No news an him either!!!


What we are missing is a consistent approach - don’t understand why we are not going 442? Why has this been abandoned?


Seems to be number of people pinning their hopes on Edwards returning and improving the midfield.

For me I think we would be very lucky to get anything out of him this season … we’ll certainly to his previous high standards.

His injury was potential career ending he will need time.