Business Unusual

Hi all,

The latest episode of the pod is now live!

With all the positive signings and additions to the club, it seems apt to call it ‘Business Unusual’. We chat about the progress being made through the summer, and speculate if it is a sign of change.

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Hope you enjoy!


Will 100% give this a go. Keep up the good work guys!


Or as quite a few would word it: “we’re behind others” “why have we signed him?” “Cheap option” “scrapping the barrel” how dare you be optimistic and positive on this site about the signings made :wink::wink:. Will give it a listen later on…

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Very enjoyable listen yet again, keep it going boys excellent stuff.


Thanks mate. Shame there isn’t much to discuss… so so quiet at the club :joy:

Cheer mate. Appreciate it

Apologies for the optimism and positivity. We’ll be sure to reign that in when the season starts


Keep up the good work lads, truly appreciate all you put out there for us lot to enjoy and listen to. Only joking, as you can gather, it’s just some of the negative comments on this forum, jeez…quick, call the Samaritans!

Thanks mate. We know you’re joking! Let’s hope we can be happy a few games in.

another good listen - cheers

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Really enjoyed that - thanks for the efforts you guys put in and looking forward to the next one.


Thanks both.

We are interviewing Martin O’Connor tonight. Will be released on Monday


That promises to be a good one, maybe a bit of insight into things :crossed_fingers:t2:

Skip!!! Looking forward to it!

He was extremely open about each of his spells at the club, including the tough times.