Cadge a Lift - Barrow (A) - Tue 16th Aug

Putting this in early.

I’m driving up and have at least 1 space, possibly 2.

I could fit one in aswell if needed

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Hopefully sorted for this 1, getting picked up by Tommo Travel mini-bus at Jn 27.

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They’ll probably drive by real fast while throwing burnt sausage rolls at ya.

Not again :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Is the ISSA running a coach for this one?

@Dhforever @Blazing_Saddler

Highly unlikely mate. Not enough demand with it bring a Tuesday night

I’ll be going by car.

Probably wrong thread but just got Barrow ticket. For some reason my laptop won’t let me get to ordering stage on the WFC tickets site. I can however order on my phone, so I usually buy away tickets online on my phone or just ring ticket office who are always very helpful. Any ideas from people who have more knowledge of tech stuff than me? Presumably something to do with my laptop settings (work laptop) but the WFC ticket site is the only one I have problems with :thinking::thinking:

@AndyWTaylor probably knows. What browser are you using?


Standard helpdesk response - have you tried:

  1. Logging off and back in on the ticketing site?

  2. Logging in as a different user?

  3. Closing the current tab and opening another?

  4. Clearing the browser cache?

  5. Closing and restarting your browser?

  6. Checking for any outstanding updates for your browser?

  7. A different browser?

  8. Restarting your laptop?

  9. Hitting it with a hammer?

If all else fails - phone the ticket office and save yourself the surcharge.


Or indeed the age old hitting it hard with your fist :smile: :wink:

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@Poloman if you’re still looking to fill a space, I’m speaking to @Mossa and he’s Tamworth based. Might be easier for you to take him than me as I’m in Stafford.

Either way, we can get him there!

I wish it had been last Tuesday as not too far from the Lakes.

Apologies I told the wife I was posting on here and she’s decided to come :roll_eyes:

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No problem. Hope your personalities don’t clash :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

They do, I was hoping for a day out on my own :joy::joy:

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You may not have tried it again since as you’ve already got your ticket for Barrow, but did any of my suggestions work for your eTicketing access?

Not tried yet mate, will let you know :+1: