Car crash on green car park at Crawley game

One time opportunity for the person who hit my car (blue lexus) on the green car park tonight and smashed the front passenger corner up to come forward before I forward camera footage to my insurer and police to trace you.

I understand accidents can happen in bad weather, with poor visibility and no doubt you left your details on a note on the window, but this seems to have blown off.

So if this was you or you witnessed this please contact me. The car that caused this will be identified so it will be far better, easier and cheaper if you contact me.


Batter em


I’ll be surprised if the police get involved. I had a car hit me last year so I stopped, she stopped and asked me to pull over. I did and she drove off. Police didn’t want to know, said contact your insurance.

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As long as no one injured police won’t do anything

Why don’t people stop though and do the decent thing ? So fookin annoying

Anyone come forward pal?

Too true.

Several years ago now I was driving back from a home game. It was around Christmas time and a car drove down the wrong side of the road and hit me head on just past the lights in blocko by the Showman. He was trying to head down a one way street the wrong way towards the cop shop !

Took the police 2 and a half hours to come even though the police station is a two minute walk away. He took a look asked if me and my Son were injured (luckily we weren’t) So he called someone to come and clear the mess off the road and wished me luck.

The guy who hit me still tried to claim it was my fault. Fortunately there were lots of witnesses and his Mom had sent me a load of texts which admitted guilt. People always try it on, I don’t think I would be able to do that. We all make mistakes, doing the right thing shouldn’t be that hard.

Locky, I hope someone comes forward for you.

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If it was on private property it probably isn’t even an offence. Just go straight to your insurance.

No, no-one come forward so passed on the evidence to my insurer who will trace them. Costs will just get higher for them the longer it takes to trace them. Stupid really as if they come forward now cost will be lower to be recharged to their insurance and if they are not insured we could deal with it, but once my insurer traces them if they are not insured they will take out a private prosecution to recover the costs and police will get involved then.

Agreed until then police won’t do anything, unless of course I report it as a hate crime.:slightly_smiling_face:

Or for being Lexusists :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :wink:

I think you’re being a bit unfair @Locky, you can’t expect the police to come out, it’s cold and wet and the strong winds we’ve been seeing lately would blow their hats off, so come on mate, be reasonable.

You may have read on another thread that my car got totalled at Junction 10 in October.

Despite being in custody since the accident the driver claimed he wasn’t the driver of the vehicle that hit me! I was due to go to court but he changed his plea.

He is presently doing a three month stretch at her majesty’s pleasure (Happy Christmas!) And banned for five years.

Fair enough for being a pissed up disqualified driver.

My only regret was keeping him safe as he was trying to walk into the motorway traffic.


:joy: :joy: :joy:

Worst thing is Donnington, he’ll be out short of 3 months and back behind the wheel of a car. Rinse and repeat until he kills or seriously injures either himself or others; most probably, others.

Over the last few years the car crashes have generally happened inside the ground. Hope there’s not another today.

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Hopefully him and none else.

In my time I have two cars stolen and this is the third car I have had written off by drunk drivers. ( The second was my wife’s but fortunately she wasn’t in it)

The two cars that were stolen and wrecked/burnt out by joy riders. The second stolen on Christmas Eve when they broke into my house whilst me and the family were asleep upstairs.

So, when I hear about some little scrote pegging it after crashing whilst being chased by the cops, my heart gives a little skip of joy.

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That’s disgraceful. Driving off is an offence.

Most accidents happen within a mile of home. Park further away from the ground.

I’m glad you came out of such a horrible experience.
Do you know why he was remanded in custody rather than bailed to appear? Seems like a really dodgy character.

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I know but they said to go through insurance as no-one was hurt. I paid for it myself as it was only minor damage.