Carabao Cup

Away to Blackburn wc 7 August

Was hoping for West Brom or Stoke :unamused:

Our performance at Blackburn in the League Cup in 2002 was one of the best, maybe even the best, under Colin Lees management. Lost on pelanties, but played really well.

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Elwood Park is a fantastic arena to be playing football in, Blackburn is never an easy place to go but we go there with nothing to lose.

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4 of our first 5 games away…

Except the match and a place in the second round.




Ewood Park is an even tougher place to go


Let’s hit it!

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Elmore Park is an even tougher place to go, especially at night! (Might be 1, maybe 2 on here that will get that :joy:).

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Beat me to it.

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Think I went to that. Was Herivelto playing?

Think Zdrillic got 2 as well.

Tell a lie, it was Zigor and Zdrillic, but Zdrillic scored a cracker.

He came off the bench in the second half. Goals from Aranalde with a pelanty and Zdrilic.
In the shoot-out nine out of ten were scored, the one that was missed was by Wrack, who was possibly our best player on the night, that’s the way it goes sometimes.