Carlisle United (A) 25th Jan, 3pm

1-3 and a stormer from The new signings! :thinking::grinning:

Or just do what most fans do, find a good pub stay there get ■■■■■■ then about 2.55 remember why you are there and there is a game on :rofl: then get to the game 30 mins later


Think Radio Cumbria will be ok for coverage tomorrow. Although the commentary is more likely to be Barrows match. They are away whereas Carlisle(from their point of view obviously) are at home. That is what i will do anyway.

I have opted for a Walsall win in the poll, but get the feeling this one might end as a 1-1.
Incidentally how does their little ‘Grealish wannabie’ runt get away with not wearing shin pads? Thought it was the law to wear 'em?

2-1 win give them a bit of their own medicine on their own turf respect to everyone who’s Ngooin to the match safe journey UTS.

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Yes everyone who has a " Ngooin " going to the match hope they have a safe journey …:rofl::+1:


Well looking forward to this! Been to Carlisle umpteen times but always enjoy the trip - get to see and stay with a mate, go to the game together and then out for a few beers, curry etc. 8.30 train from Liverpool and off I go! Should be a top weekend! Will be in the rugby club next door for a beer or two before hand if anyone else is venturing in there and wants to say hi (I’ll be in my red walsall speedos mick!!)

Got to keep that annoying whinging little twerp mcKirdy quiet tomorrow as he is annoyingly actually quite good at scoring goals it seems. Needs to stop wearing junior boys shorts though (apparently he actually does where that size!!!) They’ve signed a few this window including that Alessandra who was once thought of as a bright young starlet but never really kicked on and dossed around the lower leagues in recent years.

We should have enough to win I reckon, 2-1.

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Hope the team travelled up yesterday.
Nice overnight in a Travel Lodge must be better than a long coach journey before a game.

Team stayed overnight in Lancaster - niece’s friend saw them in the hotel

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At the Holiday Inn

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Do you remember when the club stopped paying for the fish &chips on the journey back from away games.
Think a director started to foot the bill. ( think we will win this one 0 - 1 )

I reacon @Butters will be on his cultural walk now :wink:


L.Roberts; Clarke, Sadler, Scarr, Pring; Kinsella, Sheron, Holden, McDonald; Gordon, Adebayo

Substitutes: Rose; Norman, K.Roberts; Guthrie, Sinclair, Nolan; Lavery

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Tinkerman at it again. :rofl:

Looks like James Clarke at full back too, which worries me.

Sheron walks straight into the team be interesting to see how he does today.

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Hopefully it will be a good debut, or he may as well write the rest of his season off :joy:

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Looks like a 4231 to me

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Ade for Lavery??

Could be a 4-1-4-1 with Sheron sitting in front of the back 4

No Grealish for Carlisle.