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What exactly is their problem with us?

Win, lose or draw we never get even a mention on their monday roundup of weekend sport.

Considering Bob Warman is supposed to be a fan (don’t laugh), I find it disgraceful.


Coventry get more coverage than us, got to the point i try not to watch it now, as you say disgrace :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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He’s from Chuckery.

I bet that Steve Clamp has something to do with it.

Bob Warman started off as a reporter for the ‘Walsall Observer’ which gave the Saddlers great coverage in those days-- not continued since though! Midlands today also struggle at times to give us coverage, and as for WM… :open_mouth:

Bob Warman is a Walsall fan, however the news he reads is provided for him by the producers.

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We are still chasing Bob Hall and Gary Newbon’s outstanding invoice. They dont like it.

Think my dad alienated Newbon when he manned the official car park at FP and told him he had to park on the Hillary Street ash and crush park. Mind you he had to tell a few referees off as well for occupying staff places. Maybe influenced a few decisions in the game :joy:


For years I thought his full name was Gary Newbon Waddawankawaddawanka.


Was he related to Tony Butler Waddawankawaddawanka?

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Was they brothers, Tone?

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We never get a mention on the bbc online news either. I look on the “birmingham and the Black Country “ bit regularly - they show Solihull moors results all the time, but us? Nothing…

Gary Newbon played* for Walsall in a testamonial match against Villa at the end of the 77/78 season.

. * Well he was on the Fellows Park pitch in a Walsall shirt, anyway.**

** Which is all you could say about several of the players in the following season tbf.


This kind of thing gets to people too much .

Probably because their budget for local sport that’s not PL is 6p a month. Who puts the news on to see Walsall FC news? If we were top of the league we might get a 30 second segment.

The fact is no one gives a monkies about Walsall. Just us, and we go on YouTube or watch Quest.

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Walsall goals always used to be shown on the Monday round up, for whatever reason in recent weeks it’s been stopped.

For context, sloppies winner at Hull was shown so they still show league 1 highlights.

Midlands today still shows it all the way down to league 2.


Central has just shown 5 of the 7 goals from the Port Fail game. I suppose that’s because it was a Midland derby game.

They probably did it FOR the vale fans :wink:

Burslem inbreds

So did Vale beat us 3-2?

They omitted Pope’s goal (hooray!) and Scrimshaw’s second goal (boo!).