Chairmans Statement

Chaiman states, " It is the intention to return the club to league one, and position us for the championship, but this could take three or four years"

Three or four years to get us back to L1 or prepare us for the Championship?

I took it to mean the latter. That would be the end of the stated aim.

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Given the state we were (are) in I think that’s a realistic time frame. We need to accept it for what it is and be realistic that nothing is going to change overnight.

I’m currently listening to hoards of Villa fans calling for Smiths head, let’s not be like them and give DC and Pomlett the time they need to rebuild the club. It might not be fun at times but I honestly think we are heading in the right direction.



Do they have any callers with a brain it just seems to be filling air time with crap there’s never a caller who makes a decent contribution all I’ve heard is people repeating themselves oh and Franksy constantly butting in he’s a ■■■■ that bloke is.


I think it’ll take two or three years to get back to League One with steady progress each season leading to it, then a season to stabilise in League One to build a platform where we can then plan to improve in that league and then look at competing for a top six spot with gradual improvement.

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spot on pal lets stick with clarke as we did with smith things are starting to look up a bit recently

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I think the time frame is a realistic one.

Getting up to L1 could be this season via the play-offs. If not we will have to do it next time. Then we will see how we go. Could be a long wait for the 2nd tier tbh.

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