Charlton Athletic (H) Tues 6th Nov, 7.45pm


Interesting line up with Ginnelly, Ferrier, Cook and Flash all starting.


Fortunately Wilson isn’t starting. Unfortunately he is on the bench


Roberts, Leahy, Guthrie, Martin, Devlin, Ginnelly, Dobson, Osbourne, Gordon, Ferrier, Cook


I’m abroad at the moment - does anyone know how I can access the video ?


25 minutes to kick-off, and Betfair have Charlton Athletic clear favourites to win …

Substitutes: Dunn, Morris, Ismail, Kinsella, Johnson, Wilson, Ronan


Go to today’s game on the club website and click ‘watch live now’, then pay for the match pass. But you’ll need to register an account first if not already.


Jesus Christ, they’ve got a right line up at this level…

Also playing the diamond midfield that we struggled with recently,

I do fear the worst here.


Look whos playing for charlton no other than walsalls best ever loan player Krystian Bielik


Charlton penalty, 5 min … and score!!! 0-1 :frowning:


who conceded it?


Dobson ■■■■■ up again … I blame Leahy


Dobson. Can’t wait to hear why it was one of the full backs faults though


Just been on Sky. Terrible tackle. There was another man covering him-Gordon?- . There was no need to slide in on him, he could go nowhere.


Back to Whitney-frequency levels of conceding penalties in recent weeks.


Cricket score


Nearly everyone expects us to lose tonight (including Betfair it would appear) so to be 1-0 down after 5 minutes just about sums up our current predicament.
Hate losing any match but would forgive this one as long as we don’t get beat on Saturday in the Cup, even a 2 match cup run might just lift the malaise abounding with our current dismal form.


2-0 … if it wasn’t for Devlin


According to WM they 4-4-2 is being exposed as Cullen is dictating play so one of the forward is dropping deep to counter him so in effect 4-4-1-1 and Cook isolated.

Exactly the same as Saturday, early goal and Charlton dominanting, 2-0 sounds like a matter of time.


Oh look, Devlin with another block. Shocking player.


Charlton yellow card (Cullen) … 24 minutes