Charlton Athletic (H) Tues 6th Nov, 7.45pm


Looks like we were lucky to get as many points as we did early on. Could be a very painful process getting the points necessary to stay up.

For whatever reason they have stopped doing all the things they were so good at in the first few games.


Charlton substitution following lengthy stoppage for injury (Grant replaces Vetokele), 34 minutes

Walsall yellow card (40 min) … everyone’s favourite full-back, Luke Leahy


Half-time, and according to the BBC we’ve had 4 shots, none of which was on target …


Andy Cook’s back to his non league self.


Meh. He’s had virtually nothing to go on to be fair.


On goal he hasn’t. Everything else has just bounced off him or hes not winning headers. This whole “he wins everything” is a total myth.


He’s been doing that virtually every game since Bristol Rovers though. Harsh to call it a myth when he’s proved it more than a few times that he can do it.


Cook is the least of our problems, feeds off scraps. When did we last win a second ball in midfield?


Time for some early substitutions?


That’s my point when I say he’s had nothing to go off. I’m not talking about in front of goal I’m talking about pinging hopefulls at him and then him copping the stick when he doesn’t “hold it up”.


Looks like Kinsella is coming on


Kinsella is a good shout. Osbourne has been dreadful since he came back in my opinion.


But he doesn’t do enough when he does hold it up. 1 or 2 good games out of 5 isn’t good enough.


It’s been 2 out of the last 2 to be fair he was the only one who did anything against Burton, was decent against Wycombe, and has had good performances. He had two quiet games when we were battered on the road but before that he was arguably man of the match against Bristol Rovers. What he does when he holds it up was the best part of those performances.


As usual with the bi-polar nature of social media the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Andy Cook thoroughly deserves his chance to make the step up to League One. He’s just the type of player most people moan about us not signing when they go to Peterborough or somewhere. I don’t think anyone has actually ever said “he wins everything”, nor does anyone expect him to step up two divisions and look like a world beater. However, he’s had enough good performances and scored enough goals (seven?) to suggest that he’s up to this level and will have overall a decent season and a positive impact compared to the forwards he replaced. Can’t ask for more than that surely?

He’s a player that needs service, as such we need more battles won in midfield and better quality from the wide men and creative players. That, coupled with giving away stupid goals is what’s stalling our season.


Told you Bielik would score…

Inevitably 2-0.


“Walsall are rubbish and it will be an absolute sin if we don’t take 3 points home from this if the second half plays out as the first.”

“Walsall at the moment dont look as though they have a care in the world… As the commentators have said, there are no team mates rushing to want the ball from a throw in and certainly feels like they’re mostly going through the motions”

“Walsall look awful! Really important to kill this one off. Spending a lot of time in the final third but not had too many chances”

Gotta love praise from our opposition fans :smiley:


0-2 Just as we were showing signs of getting into the game. Bloomin Beilik


Had to be Bielik. How very Walsall.


our passing is woefull