Charlton Athletic (H) Tues 6th Nov, 7.45pm


One of the outstanding features of our game at the start of the season was the putting of bodies on the line, fighting for team mates and every ball, there were a few times tonight that some players could’t even be bothered to make a challenge?


Lack of confidence/belief. That’s what defeat after defeat does.


No effort from this team

Where was the reaction from saturday

For some reason they are not trying

Hope Keates hasn’t lost he dressing room with the tinkering


Devlin and Leahy are awful. Just to make a point, I hope people were watching tonight.

Everyone was poor tbh, but we are now where this squad probably will be. We are a mid table side.


Hard to feel much enthusiasm about this season now. All feels a bit Whitneyesque. Excellent start but season is really levelling off now and when you look at the fixtures in the next six weeks being in the top half could be a pipedream when 2019 begins.


[quote=“neuromantic, post:104, topic:1708”]
We are a mid table side.
[/quote] A bit optimistic after the last couple of performances :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Seeing Keates Out posts online. I am stunned.


Ah we aren’t we ? We beat the poorer sides, and lose against teams with a bit of quality. I think we will meander and settle sort of 10-14th.

Remember, it’s going to take January, and next pre-season to sort this mess out.

Leahy - get rid.
Devlin - bye bye.
Guthrie - cheerio.

Osborne - ta-ra.
Chambers - buh-bye.

Getting rid of these next summer will free up the necessary funds to get in players who can actually defend, and or, have some mobility.

I know for a fact Dean didn’t or doesn’t want these in the squad, and tried to move most on in the summer / which was near impossible.

We are suffering now because of the ridiculous contract given out to crap players.

We need to be patient.


Yes, let’s single out the full backs. Again. The midfield in particular were dire tonight, they can’t hold the ball, gace away possession needlessly and Charlton just cut through them putting endless pressure on the defence. And, as bad as you think Leahy and Devlin were, Dobson was far worse.


Have full faith in Keates, but the honeymoon period is well and truly over.


Didn’t Keates sign Osborne? Bit strange that he doesn’t want him then?


If you had read, I clearly pointed out it was evidence for the fans who think a tackle and a bit of a rub constitutes a good player.

I also said the whole team was rubbish. We are clearly deficient in the middle. I think the side doesn’t have any confidence in the back 4.

If you want to play with wingers, you have to have good full backs. We don’t. Get rid of them and build again next summer. I’m happy with that.


He wanted someone else.


Watched on ifollow tonight. So as a Season Ticket holder I effectively paid twice for that. For THAT. Still feel a bit guilty about not being there tbh.

Dobson is going through a very sticky patch just now. We’re maybe asking too much of a twenty year old.

We need to get back to the 442 knitting. Wingers on the wings with the Ronan experiment consigned to an impact in-game change.

Devlin played well, much better than Ferrier who mysteriously got man of the match again.

My man of the match though was John Ward. Insightful, intelligent, honest, measured and calm.


Swifty always puts a shift in!


Fairly grim couple of results against mid-table teams with mixed form. Troubling, but hardly the end of days that Ancient.Moaner.4eva is predicting yet again though.


But our resident scientist says otherwise!?


We’ll do well to stay up. End of.


We know it’s not off one game…

But Devlin is abysmal. Seems a nice chap and works hard, but he’s a Scottish league player playing in a proper league.


Bring back a Richard Taundry